It is not money

or wrapping paper you need

but a gift from the heart and soul.

you are my muse today

and not in a way others may gossip

but in the ways of the seven muses

art is a way of expressing all the

words you cannot say

or the emotions you feel stuck inside

your throat

first there was a bell that rang for you

running down that street to make your class

then there was the bells of your wedding day

marrying the love of your life

having two angels in your life

to protect and nourish.

Words are meaningless to some

but Music it can inspire

periods, eras, time, moments

Music can capture you

and take you back

to your very first kiss

poem, love, marriage, divorce,

break up, make up.

I always wanted to make music

this is what I was probably meant

to do

but words came easier

back then there was no money

for lessons

but a pen and paper

made me who I am.

You made this song

that inspired this poem

for you



the music inside you

each and every day

for you bring this gift

with you everywhere you go.

Happy Birthday to my friend Jeff, who is my muse today. This is his music posted above. Click on the link to check him out. He is an amazing individual. For every poem created from his music, he will be donating to St-Judes Children’s Hospital.

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