Nothing feels normal when you love with an ache in your chest. a longing that can never be fulfilled. distance can be mathematically calculated it’s so easy to memorize the formula of two cities but emotionally inaccurate. i started off with coffee but ended with vodka i try to be good but i think of…

Black Sheep

It was such a long time ago when you said there is a method to my madness, and cliches sounded sweet coming from your lips, and poetry sounded epic from your strong hands. It was such a short time … Source: Black Sheep

Parking Lot

In one split sentence you showed me your demon bludgeoned me with words tore my soul up in seconds. I keep on patching it up but you find those seams and rip them apart. I repeat those words like a… Source: Parking Lot


I want more of what I cannot have and less of what I have. It is always the poem of the day that brings me joy written in some notebook or on a piece of paper from an obscure poet that I research i… Source: More

Can I fit?

Can I fit into your luggage? Take me with you. Can I fit into your arms? Bring me another lifetime. Can I fit into your poem? I promise to sit still and pose. Can I fit into your day? Twenty-four hours. Can I fit into your life? Never. Can I fit into your dreams? Always….

One Thousand

In one thousand eyes I could search for you the purple sky right at that time when you can’t take your eyes off the colors even photos cannot capture the life of one thousand souls to reach y… Source: One Thousand


I apologize for being me why would I even write that? all I want is to be ignored. Do you write better when it rains when the sun shines? I just want to pay my dry cleaner bill but news travels fast when you are a writer and nobody buys your book(s) but promises to…

A poem about a poem

I was in my alternate universe last night the one where we are together in the same lifetime. I slept in your bed and your pillows smelt like me it is  bizarre how moments happen in these port… Source: A poem about a poem

Night Walkers

I am waiting outside for my lift It’s only 9:25 on a Saturday night and I could get drunk tonight. October feels like August, and I let my mind go to that place I want to forget.   There… Source: Night Walkers