Back Table

Back table bottle of something hot between us burning our lungs setting our nerves on edge Come closer, I don’t bite, you said. But oh, how you lie and how you do on all the places I want you… Source: Back Table

Birds in Jersey

Popularity is momentary fleeting like one night stand bloggers who think love is alive in dead poets. it takes more than likes to make a poem, it takes more than time to get to know the essence of another it feels like you misinterpret my meanings I appreciate the poem more than the person, this…

Love or Lust

Originally posted on Christina Strigas :
first it’s my eyes then it’s your heart pounding. your kiss lights my soul. my love for you empties the darkness. what’s left of us? you ask. the lust. the desire. your arms around me, drowning my river turning me slowly into all you crave. love and lust me. my…


I step on red leaves too tired to make collages of my life. I breathe cold autumn air and reflect on another birthday come and gone I open the small window for your scent and feel the cold draft in… Source: Time

Grammar Rules

Do not look at apostrophes and their useless need to invade your sentences just as I can capture your baseballs with my all-American mitt throw me abundant adjectives that make me want to come up f… Source: Grammar Rules

Words of Love

Hanging up the words on a clothesline to dry up the sadness. The tears wet my bra and panties and now look at me. Wrong kind of wet. Right kind of wrong. Such a deep mess on the outline of the sea.… Source: Words of Love


You know how to say it in a way that’s clever you can create your own urban dictionary and everyone will follow but really who is everyone? And you don’t give a fuck ranting & ragin… Source: Clever

A poem brewing

Find me resting contemplating how your light can easily change my dark mood and just like that the drive you’re on becomes mine with a snap of your fingers your sunlight sees mine. Are you bl… Source: A poem brewing

In My Own Flood : poetry book

My new poetry book available at all on-line bookstores. Thank you for your support, Chrissy Source: In My Own Flood : poetry book