sneek peek inside of my poetry book & update

Hello everyone, On Sunday I released my poetry book out into the world. Pieces of me for you to buy. I feel so nervous and anxious, afraid of failing and wondering if I made the right selections…I feel like I am never satisfied so I just let it go into the world. I am so…

Rasberry Swirl

I have a heart in my caffe latte and I won’t sprinkle cinammon or moka to savour the moment. Picked the rasberry swirl as a metaphor for my life. No one here knows who I am and seriously though I am no one they even care to meet. And the gentleman across staring at my…


I videotaped the bridge and the sunset I wanted to be a director make movies. I have all these ideas of how I would begin my movie the perfect song, kiss, walk, the sunrise of actors. It feels as if my dreams keep on copulating instead of dying. Almost half way through my life and…


You dive right into me as if I was the ocean yet you have no fear certain I will catch you then you know throughout how I would take your hand without a doubt even if your words are quiet or loud I… Source: Captain

Lemon loaf

Round five of lunch consisting of sugar and words, caffeine and strangers. I could hang here all day wondering what everyone is up to making up stories of the guy with The Doors book, the one you showed me. The French guy talking to his girlfriend on the phone. Bonjour chérie. I would rather be…

At Starbucks

It is a two week study period of Starbucks corner of the highway and Town of Mont Royal every day read a bit write a bit listen to conversations accents movements study strangers i have no intention of meeting. I know you write well look good at international cafés fly around the world but the…

deep penetrating love

I don’t care who can see who is blind to the truth who sees the truth behind the lies who reads my poems who skims through them like a magazine article. I don’t care who loves art or mu… Source: deep penetrating love


If I ever had writer’s block you would see me dead at some corner in a bar with your typical bottle of Jack and burnt notebooks. I swear if  I lost the ability to think through poetry and wri… Source: Renaissance


I mostly watched the singer shake away his age but it caught up with him and disappointed all of us. Some more drunk for others to notice. Youth had not entered that ten percent that dances on stairs. I can pretend to be young for one night smoke in parking lots and get felt up…


It’s 1973 i have authentic white tiny flowers in my hair the way i was supposed to live walking for my aunt, down the tiny cobblestone roads in the middle of summer, following the gorgeous br… Source: 1973