Le Club

“the difference between Art and Life is that Art is more bearable” – Charles Bukowski   I want to keep all the seconds minutes, hours to myself. I want to revel in the magic … Source: Le Club


at times I think you see me when I am no longer there our hearts grow heavy you used to love me when days were warmer and nights were colder odd thoughts about needles and skin falling into my thou… Source: heavy


I wear a fishu regard words with judgement eat fresh croissants close to Palais-Royal and watch you arrrive with hope and ideals about the future of France amongst my wax sculptures poking their he… Source: Marie

Books not written

It will always feel like you are losing me as soon as you get too close. Today I wanted to stay home and write all day and tomorrow the same but what silly thoughts are these? Trust me, that as soo… Source: Books not written


It was painful, but what hurt the most was not the physical pain.  the scraping of my uterus reminds me of candles not blown on a birthday cake. of unknown names and faces that haunt me. that time,… Source: Four

Back Table

Back table bottle of something hot between us burning our lungs setting our nerves on edge Come closer, I don’t bite, you said. But oh, how you lie and how you do on all the places I want you… Source: Back Table

I will be fine

Today’s state of mind is not as poetic or earth-shattering or as wise as yesterday’s. Perhaps it is softer, subtler in tune with the crystals in public bathrooms. I see everything and t… Source: I will be fine


No, not the song but my mind when it alters in perception of what’s real and surreal. I do not know what to say to you… was I what you imagined? better? worse? shall you compare me to every other woman before and after? or not even close. I kissed a guy in 1991 at…


I need the intensity of going all the way giggling like a teenager I do not think I ever grew up I may look mature but I told you I feel seventeen forever. I speak French too much lose out on the English tone of your voice. You have all the adjectives I admire in…