It appears that love is not as statuesque
as you may imagine
as tall as a supermodel
as buff as a bearded hipster
everything you think you love hard
can break
like ice on a pond.
Careful where you walk
at what temperature
and never leave
the love of your life
or they may fall through
the cracks
hidden to the eye.
Love lost
hidden to the mind
from the site of your heart
left behind.
Blinded by careless acts
words too frail to speak
your heart too weak.
A careless contribution
cuts to black
so watch your back baby

for you rarely cared for mine
and all we had
never truly felt
like the love
I deserved.
So excited to share my first Poetry Collaboration with the lovely Sandy Hibbard
You can find her site at
or her WordPress at
her Twitter at @sandyhibbard
Sandy owns a digital design and marketing company.
If you are interested in doing a poetry collab with me, email me at
Hope you enjoy these series.

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