It is how the poem never ends

when you write about how

you loved her so much

in such a brief time

with so much passion.

It is how my poem always ends

when I write about how

he loved me very little

with not enough passion.

It is how you let her

close enough to hurt you

and how I let him too close

to burn me

and he certainly did.

I suppose as she burned you

with her fire.

He had this way of making me feel

like a poet

and nothing else.

Never keep up with stranger’s intentions

let them all walk on broken glass

as we sit and watch the show.

We will talk about how they

knew nothing about poetry

and French philosophers

and designer cafe lattes

we will turn the tables

on them

and watch them fall down

or be brave enough to sit and discuss

what we are even fighting for

when all the fight in us is long gone.

In the here and now,

I will let you close enough

and be prepared

for your desertion.


9 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. Well done my dear. Love your contrasts with how the poems end. Remarkable verse by one of the most talented ladies in Blogville. “I will let you close enough, and be prepared, for your desertion.” I will be purchasing your book this month. Let you know how it goes.

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    1. Hello Andrew! thank you, i aim to please or displease, one or the other, can’t please everyone, but the people that read me I hope will be as enthusiastic to buy my books! but who cares, i’m writing for free here! lol Right now you can purchase my book Crush, did I send you the link?

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  2. Chrissy ….you are most daring and true …I adore that soul of you …so lovable and haunting too..and your poetry always speaks to me of the depths of human passion and I feel blessed to call you my friend …love , megxxx

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  3. Christina, I swear it’s like you go through those file cabinets in my head and pick out all the folders with everything I want to talk about. You are so wonderful, Dear Poetess. This piece speaks to me well beyond your intention…thank you for letting me participate in your art. Xxx


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