silence me

poems are meant to be read over and over again

Christina Strigas

silence me with a kiss, a word, a sentence

make it balance out the passion

in ways you never knew you could,

in a love that you never felt you had

or deserved.

did it consume you? perhaps you have

moved on. so easy to do nowadays.

like a stream never stops so could

your eyes, your needs, wants. desire

is inside not outward. did you love her

more? less? not so much as you thought?

is he giving me all I need? do you care?

you know how I obsess over skies

lyrics, poems, movies, art, museums,

my record player, obsolete love affairs,

handwritten post it notes. it’s not me,

it’s just a voice. i gotta cook, clean,

do groceries, work. he asked me what

are you good at and the top three

were correct

while he quizzed me. wow he says

you really do what you love. I…

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