5 star review

Genre: Poetry

There are poetry books that leave you breathless, and this is one of them. I am a huge fan of Alfa’s work. Her experience and knowledge within her relationships, makes her writings raw and realistic. Alfa is known for writing prose, displaying heartache, and darkness on social media.

In this poetry collection, we see another side to Alfa, that leaves one full of sadness and hope for the future.

The theme and tone of Silent Squall is one of abuse and trauma. Alfa’s poetry book is autobiographical; depicting her sixteen year marriage in an abusive relationship with a Narcissist, which is documented through gut-wrenching scenes and poems.

This is Alfa’s second poetry book. Her number one best-selling poetry book Abandoned Breaths sold worldwide and stayed a best-seller for months. Alfa’s first poetry book is divided into four sections. Silent Squall is the first part of her poetry book, and three more books based on the other three parts are in the works.

There are a few exceptional poems that stand out.

Alfa has included “therapy poems” as she labels them, that explain how and why she is in this predicament; the hardships and the sadness, as well the strong love and bond Alfa felt at the hands of her abuser, lover and father of her children.

Alfa holds her head and pen high with this marvellous collection of poems. In her own words,

“I refuse to think I’m less…

than I should be.”

Silent Squall is dazzling poetry book. Alfa has written a powerful story that will draw you into her home, her heart and her soul.

Alfa can be found on Facebook:Alfawrites


Twitter: @alfa_poet

Instagram: @alfa.poet


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