There is a man walking his dog

his grip on them tight

like the love I let go.

He is the one I can never have

for he would take care of me

and I would never accept that.

I walk my dog, I feed my brain.

There is a man in the waiting room

staring at me while I cough up a lung.

I put on eyemakeup for the occasion

have pink nails

and will definitely change my hair color

because his eyes remind me of yours.

And we all need to change

ourselves, our tires

our cars, I prefer not to.

I like you just so. 

I hope you are having so much fun

it brings you out of your loneliness,

you always fare better than I do.

I envy that about you.

There is a man who exists somewhere

that is thinking about a girl like me

pondering existentialism 

theatre of the absurd

waiting for godot

for decades

and still absent from life.

4 thoughts on “There is a Man

    1. Oh, Vishal! Thank you my dear friend. You have been such an incredible, soulful support over the years. Bless you! I appreciate your kind words and love to read your comments. Have a beautiful Saturday .x


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