Vday is a love-bomb

like your love

for sad girls. 

The Lana Del Ray type

you can spor them

from across a room

a boardroom, a red room,

a hotel lobby, a blog

a church service, a coffee shop

and in front of St.-Laurent street

where dirt roads meet

lavender blues.

I should have run fast

but I wanted you to feel my legs.

I hate to say I told myself so

but that’s my mantra now.

I knew better, I knew the vortex

of your words played over and over again

until your years of perfection

and my age of innocence collided

on side street alleys.

I felt safe with you

I never regret anything.

I think days like this

remind me of your explosives

and how detonated I felt

with desire

and fear.

You only had twenty-five emails

and I honestly could not care less

about anything other than how your sock

landed on my purse

and how my body felt 

under yours.

What do you think?

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