I’m going to share with you some of my favourite poets from Instagram. I will do a feature per month. These are a few of the poets I follow because I adore their writing style. A few of these poets have books out. If you want to read further work from them you can check them out. 

The number of followers that people have means nothing to me. I look for unique writers that I connect to. I don’t follow the crowd, I make my own rules. I feel that writing poetry is not a pop culure phenomenon. It has always been around. 

I am going to start with my number one go to poet…Michael Faudet.

Not only because is he romantic and sexy in his writing, but he is down to earth and a lovely, respectful poet. 

1. Michael Faudet

I own both his poetry books and keep them close by. His prose is erotic and refreshing.

2. April Green

She is an excellent poet who utilizes micro-poetry and haikus in her posts. I own both her poetry books and love the way she grabs your attention with such few, yet poignant words. 

3. Alfa

Alfa is my bae. I have come to count on Alfa’s writing to crack me open and speak the truth. Her posts are for the hearts, the ones that hurt and keep on going on. Her poems and quotes are full of punch and truth. Her first book of poetry is coming out soon. 

4. Nicholas Trandahl

Nicholas Trandahl is a long time poet. In the tradition of James Harrison and Mary Oliver, Nicholas’ poetry brings forth the love of nature and humanity. His new poetry book will be released in March by Winter Goose Publishing. 

5. Kirk Diedrich

Romantic Bastard. This is his bio. Truth. You won’t be let down by his magnificent way with words and longing. He has a poetry book out as well. 

6. Kat Savage

I recently read Kat Savage’s poetry book Learning To Speak. Her poems were deep and full of emotions. I connected to them instantly. I love the way she is poetic and forward with her posts. A daily dose.

7. Topher Kearby

He has a poetry book out and is such an incredible artist. His poems are a “Beautiful Mess,” the title of his book. Topher has a way with words and always has a smiling, welcoming attitude.

8. Orion Vanessa

Orion Vanessa is a persona. A true artist. Her posts are fun and her poetry so deep you might drown in it. A daily and double dose. 

9. Grace Black

I just started following Grace Black recently, and I love her raw and straightforward approach. She has a new book just released. Her posts will make you think, smile and reflect.

10. Mm Writings

I love mm writings posts and her soulful down to earth attitude. 

Thank you for reading. 

18 thoughts on “Top 10 instagram poets I can’t stop reading in February 2017

  1. Completey honored to be included here, C! And thank you for posting this list because I found a couple of new favorites as well! Love your work. Keep writing and inspiring. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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