Cycle of delicate wash

press delicate

Christina Strigas

If I try to be delicate would that impress you?

I will try to  not stub my toe everytime I get out of bed

or break my watch for the upteenth time

or better yet I will try to zip and unzip with flare and not punishment

I will be gentle, I promise.

Doorways will be respected and not bumped into (what are they doing there in the first place?)

My hair will be pin straight like that doll you loved

the frizzies will be terminated

my car will be spanking clean

and then I will drink a bottle of wine

half a pack of smokes (or more)


and start all over again.

All for the picture of a delicate girl.

All for nothing (as the saying goes).

Throw me in the wash. Press delicate and gently hang me out to dry.

Why don’t you read the instruction on…

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