View of the world


My view of the world in relation to you


Technology sculpted me like a great master

aligned my brushstrokes, stroked my ego

with pointillism,

hid the island of Grand Jatte

behind a tablet of apps never used.

That picturesque picnic will be nostalgic

but the dead see nothing

and the living look at their phone

rather than the brilliant sky.

I gazed into your eyes

and romance was alive again;

I squint into a small screen when

you send your  love

intertwined with sunsets and songs,

your chiaroscuro words

illuminating my soul

bringing me closer to you

as highways and oceans

matter not.

Do you feel the phone is alive

with my poetic introduction

into your world?

I am your new acquaintance

knowing the words to my internal river

unlocking passwords and jpegs

lovers of lover’s past

breaking through hearts

with satellite love and lyrics


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