Alexios & Elysia

Alexios & Elysia #14



“Why didn’t Alexios kill you?” I asked.

“I think he likes the game. He said to me, ‘I could easily kill you.’ I said, ‘ Then why don’t you?’ he replied, ‘Then what would be the point of your existence?'”

“This is hard to believe…we are talking about the same guy..” I stammered. My head was spinning.

“The one and only,” Tommy smirked. “Alexios wants to have a reputation as the one who got away. If he had killed me then I wouldn’t go around saying how bad ass he is. Honestly, he’s a sick motherfucker.”

“He really played me, then?”

“Unfortunately, Ellie, you were played, you were hoodwinked.”


“For want of a better word…fooled,” Tommy smiled. “We were both made fools.”

“So I guess we have something in common,” I said exasperated.

“That’s why you must help me catch him. Please, Ellie, can you be a spy for me?” his eyes pierced into mine. At the mention of my name on his lips I got fucked up…he looked like a sad puppy dog, then suddenly his face changed to a serious look.

“Spy?” I needed to know exactly what this entailed.

“Yeah, pretend you still care for him and entrap him and I’ll move in for the kill,” Tommy’s eyes gleamed something scary.

“I don’t know. I don’t have some kind of on/off switch. I do still have feelings for Alexios.” I looked down and played with my cuticles on my fingers.

“Ellie, do you want him to find another vulnerable victim and repeat what he’s done to you?” I kept my head down and when I looked at him he seemed so pissed. Hold up, did he say vulnerable?

“Vulnerable? How so?” I replied angrily.

“Look, I’ve done my background check, plus, I’ve been following you.” He quickly looked away and then back at me,”You lead a pretty lonely life. You have no real family around and your best friend is married and quite occupied. I think you were a perfect victim. Also, you don’t strike me as the type of girl that sleeps around.” He winked at me.

Now I was fuming and my mind was racing…part of what he had said was true…it’s his attitude that quickened my pulse. And at that particular moment the waitress came with our food.

“Here you go, your fish platters,” and she placed the dishes in front of us, all this gave me a quick minute to compose myself. “Bon apetit,” she said and looked dreamily at Tommy. He completely ignored her and kept on trying to get my attention by staring at me. He was probably trying to read my mind, but I blocked my thoughts instantly.

“I’ll do it,” I said. I will? Where did that come from? I sounded so sure of myself.

The waitress looked at Tommy and gave him a sneaky smile. “Aren’t you lucky?” she flirted with him.

“No, it’s not like that!” I interjected, how can some women be such bitches?

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she smiled. “I was just kidding…” and she left slightly embarassed.

“Are you always such a tight ass?” He said jokingly.

“Are you always such an asshole?” I shot back at him. He laughed out loud.

“Yes, now eat up. Bon apetit, my partner.”

“I’m not your fuckin’ partner.” Partner? He’s got to be kidding.

“We’ll see about that…whatever you want to call me is fine by me.”

“Okay, Mr. Cool Vampire Hunter who can Read Minds and is an Asshole, what’s the next move?”

“So, you think I’m cool?” he smiled taking a bite of his food.

It was beyond my control…my laughter just burst and the waitress gave me a dirty look.

By Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas is a Canadian poet, raised by Greek immigrants, and has written three poetry books. Her latest, Love & Vodka, has been featured by CBC Books in, “Your Ultimate Canadian Poetry List: 68 Poetry Collections Recommended by you.”
LOVE & METAXA, her fourth poetry book is coming out May 25, 2021.
In her spare time, Christina enjoys foreign cinema, reading the classics, and cooking traditional Greek recipes that have been handed down from her grandmother.

2 replies on “Alexios & Elysia #14”

Actually, this is not the book. This is another story I made up. It was supposed to be a short one but I can’t stop! Read it from the beginning, this is only part 14!


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