Sanity Chased Away

Rain clouds have stories you’ve been waiting to hear

melodies you’ve only heard in your dreams

for without chances and change

we can be a living corpse.

Even the truth can’t change your feelings.

Sometimes you have to go under

for a fresh breath of air.


It’s not me, it’s you.


All these years, I believed in the wrong expressions.

That’s why I hate adages;

I can never understand them

I have to think too hard

analyze words in ways my mind cannot grasp

about the English language

when I’m more comfortable in Greek

under the earth with my father.

I want to be here

writing in my kitchen


No one talk to me,

no one break my zone of silence.

I’m bonding with words now.

My one true connection.


You get me high on you

I will not turn away from you.


I will not ever see you again

this, I understand.

But words will always be there for me

to write to you how I feel safe


even without your whispers and voice.


A jail full of kisses

A jail full of kisses

locked inside

my head

as I envision your lips

barely on mine

behind bars.

A play on words

Greek accents

and your growing

need to be on top of me.

I want to think of

all the ways

you’ll love me.

In the dawn of this new age

you could be just

as lost as I am

or not.

Cheerleaders are chanting

your name

and laying down their clothes

at the foot of your bed

I exaggerate all

isn’t that what writers do?

Isn’t this how poets feel?

Way too much?

Cut off from the real?

The Unreal?

The people we will never meet

the unbearable defeat

of oneself.

Even when I get

what I so want

I want more of it

and you will never want less of me

and more of her

and he will

continuously want all of me

for that is all he has ever wanted.

All this want

this need

to be alone in a jail cell

with no phone

no phone call

no computer

no book

no pen

no one to tell you how to feel

only your voice

in my ear


thirsty for

a tall glass of water

a plate of food

some sleep

all this and your kisses

all along my neck.

I always ask for way too much, I know.

I see the future. It hurts.