Vodka, champagne ice bucket, free drinks on the house because we know the club owner. This is his wife, we are her privileged friends. We drink and eat for free and pretend we mean something to no one. Girls, girls, girls, on fire, out to impress each other with shoes and a purse and nothing to say. It was q & a for me “What … Continue reading GNO


I don’t fall into categories I prefer to create them make them shine on my skin so only lovers with no thoughts can see them. Leave chat groups that are toxic for the soul and create an affair with words you adore. I discussed poetry and words and how I have always been writing, only now it has controlled me, I can’t contain it in … Continue reading Discussion

Too early to wake up

Down the dark highway no street lights at Ste-Anne-des-Plaines far away from the city houses spread across acres arenas in between lovers new development paper chandelier homes lights off brand new McDonald’s and coffee shops roam in the middle of the forest that once used to be free. My mindful state plays duets and their sexy voices make the dark blacker- I welcome the fear … Continue reading Too early to wake up