Shining light

i was blinded by you once, the way you twirled

my thoughts and made me crumble to my knees.

i was kissed once, when you stopped me dead

in my tracks and faced me. i have dreams

that I catch

and others long forgotten on ribbons.

you see me,

but not through me,

you feel me,

but not on me,

you understand me,

but which part?

my heart does its own sinking

and drowning.

revives. dies. quivers.

regenerates. poisons itself.

it’s my artistic way.

everyone knows. it’s not a deep

secret. tug away. pull me harder.

there’s more depth,

who knows how deep the ocean is?

these homes on different parts of our country

have their own drum beats.

each so unique to my love.

i love being this way. on the edge.

stuffing gifts in parking lots

meeting deadlines with a smile and

grace. no one can beat me in

creating priceless beauty with

art and words. i’ve touched so many

lives. and still i’m a fool.

for you.

Soaked in the rain

When he blocks his ears
to the questions
and tells me nothing
I want to hear,
when he thinks his answers
are the only ones
that I may fear,
these are the times
the ocean calls,
right about Anne’s age,
the moment all my falls
are storming in on my rage.
Disclosing nothing
pleading the fifth
to your assumptions on my wings
floating above the waves
hiding it under the rocks and things
that will be meaningless one day
my kids will give parts of me
to the poor
while your letters burn inside my own door,
a ray
in the shadows
for you are mine
on land, sea, and water.
In every part of my soul
in which I falter.
I am yours
but time may change
the air
age may block your stare
but a soul
continues its journey
always beware.

For I am soaked at the park
in the rain
or maybe not
for the lies
should remain
the truths
equally mysterious
so do not ask me
when I write
or why
just stand way back
and watch me in my jeans
as I make a Greek cup of coffee
and all the rest
will never matter.
You will avoid my best
and cease to jest
as I cry on your shoulder
and you place my strand of hair behind my ear.