Crush my paranormal romance

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Thanks so much for your amazing support. I must have the coolest followers ever.

Although you read my poetry, this will be a plunge into something different, but you can guarantee that love and romance are seeped in deep on every page.

Be well.



10 replies on “Crush my paranormal romance”

Yay! I just don’t do Ebooks. It takes something away from the experience to be holding an electronic pad instead of an actual book. Plus, a regular book doesn’t ever need to be recharged or require you to find a seat near an outlet.

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With an E-Book, how do you mark a page for later reference because it interested you in some way? How do you turn pages with an E-Book. Is it as scrolling thing? But my main thing is that most people read their E-books at night before bed and the light emitting from the screen has been shown to have a negative affect on their sleep and general health. Same thing goes with computers and laptops.

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The ebook has a memory of the last page you were on. I have a kindle and there is no light – that’s for ipads which are no e-reader. An e-reader has no light that emanates. Trust me, it’s fun for vacation and for certain books that are quick reads and you don’t want to buy! My library is insane. Also you can get free books, like the other day I downloaded The Great Gatsby and I have about one hundred books for the beach. It’s hard to read a book on a laptop though, bad for your eyesight but an e-reader is not the same thing as an ipad. It’s strictly for reading books, not scrolling the internet. Different attention span! lol


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