And this is the full poem for those who asked. It was my first attempt at ever recording my voice with one hand…no edits no retakes.just a glimpse. Hope you enjoy.

20 thoughts on “This is me

  1. I Love your beauty and vulnerability , your written words in your notebook , your hurried voice “transforming to a flower “in the wind …thank you my dear golden friend , love and hugs , megxxx

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    1. oh thank you my lovely dg.xx i posted another one lol and here i thought nobody would ever glance at these – ready to burn as i was telling someone this weekend! ha. under the influence…. sending you love xx

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      1. Oh I will check it out! I’ve been so busy it’s like ahh! Make it stop. I am still figuring out audioboom. I can’t figure out how to comment there yet. I love seeing more pieces of you- it is truly inspiring. Honestly Chrissy, if I could even be half the poet you are. You are like the greats i study- you are a rarity. Love you Tigressxxx just keep burning your words onto our hearts ❤️❤️

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