I don’t care who can see

who is blind to the truth

who sees the truth behind the lies

who reads my poems

who skims through them

like a magazine article.

I don’t care who loves art

or museums

as long as you

and I

are in a deep penetrating love

on our knees together







just some pounding love drunk poetry

tipsy on your mid-day words

late night fucks

early morning pick me ups

drag your ass

over here

and kill me to death

under your poetic umbrella

while I lay here


on the same channel

change my road

lead me to your address

we’re all fucking psychos here.

21 thoughts on “deep penetrating love

  1. Thank you for connecting on Goodreads, it was a good reminder to revisit you.
    I particularly enjoyed this piece, you have a great voice.
    And yes, unapologetically a psycho.

    Liked by 1 person

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