I just finished my novel. My freelance editor said I have to start looking for a publisher…with all the information on the web, it is overwhelming!

     Plus, my laptop is seriously on the fritz again. Ever since it got drunk on my wine it skips letters and I have to edit over and over again.

    Also, I have to finish volume 3 of Althia’s Journey…

5 thoughts on “Finished my novel…

  1. Congratulations! I know of someone who’d been looking for a publisher for quite sometime, she recently got published.. took a while, but it did happen. Have you published yet?


    1. Actually, I’ve self-published two books and the third is on the way with Wheatmark publishers. It’s a trilogy-based on true events of my friend Zaharoula’s life story. They are sold on-line, amazon, etc. Althia’s Awakening is volume 1. Althia’s Calling is volume 2 and soon to be released Althia’s Journey written by Zaharoula Sarakinis and Christina Strigas. She has a special gift! Check them out on amazon.


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