If the water on the windowsill could be your molecules they would give me a paper to smell a pen to place safely away near my utensils think of me when it rains how the droplets become you and me falling from the sky like bullets on a battlefield like trees in the rainforest sometimes still most times turbulent aged and chopped preserved and honoured. … Continue reading If

Book Review of Scissors and Paper Hearts by Lex Letters

Lex Letters and I follow each other on Twitter and we instantly connected through our poems. I read her poetry book and couldn’t put it down. It is a poetry book full of passionate verse and full of a soul that touches your heart. “She was the exception to every rule,” her poem “Undiscovered” begins and that is essentially how the entire book grabs you. … Continue reading Book Review of Scissors and Paper Hearts by Lex Letters


I mostly watched the singer shake away his age as it caught up with him and nothing seemed to impress us anymore besides one hundred dollar bills and vodka shots. The youth left us with our past. Our ten percent shot at another night of bringing back the days. All the drunken sailors tried to get their hands on us but we have to try … Continue reading Metropolis


Once he saw my eyes and left me blinded by his look. I told him jokingly I would be his Brooklyn Baby from Montreal, but he never listened to Lana as closely as I always do and my boyfriend was singing on stage. I’m too old to love him; I’m to cold to hold him; I’m too sweet to know his bad-ass; but he holds … Continue reading hallucinations