Book Review of Scissors and Paper Hearts by Lex Letters

Lex Letters and I follow each other on Twitter and we instantly connected through our poems. I read her poetry book and couldn’t put it down. It is a poetry book full of passionate verse and full of a soul that touches your heart. “She was the exception to every rule,” her poem “Undiscovered” begins and that is essentially how the entire book grabs you. … Continue reading Book Review of Scissors and Paper Hearts by Lex Letters


Poets want everything that you can’t buy so please don’t be a beautiful fool full of that deep ache you label either love or anxiety confused with what your brain tells your heart. poets should inspire hurt, reveal, cover up use foundation on rhymes but we tend to float between lives and we know it takes skill shallow waters and observation of the highest calibre. … Continue reading Poets


i hope you realize that covers will not keep you away. words will steal the night from us. music will drain the veins. my undergarments will vanish. trickery in the city. do you see me on the street with Brooklyn in my eyes and water around us? i float and swim   while you take the bus to Chinatown.   (this is from my poetry … Continue reading Brooklyn


Nothing feels normal when you love with an ache in your chest. a longing that can never be fulfilled. distance can be mathematically calculated it’s so easy to memorize the formula of two cities but emotionally inaccurate. i started off with coffee but ended with vodka i try to be good but i think of all the ways to be bad. especially with you. i … Continue reading Burns


i woke up to the voices again after all that drinking and St-Henri parking in front of the usual side streets with bearded hipsters open door lofts stolen dreams. Coming out of Cayenne and Pepper sexy shoes and leather. i don’t know what i was thinking when we had those shots, those drinks, wine, and i didn’t smash into you at the street corner, looking … Continue reading voices