1. So you wrote a poetry book you are so young everyone praises you for being so famous, so beautiful, your words so fabulous, you stare at yourself in the mirror take pictures of how truly wonderful you are. Forget how years ago you almost killed yourself that was not you who put stones in your pocket.   You cannot remember that girl anymore.   … Continue reading Entitlement

At it again

I woke up early to collect data for poets that know how to write but not how to read. I woke up from dreaming about you, to pointed fingers and mirrored poetry. There is this effect of how the sun reminds me of cool sand gliding through my fingers on a black beach.   I lie down and stare at the blue sky in awe. … Continue reading At it again

raping Lana

I couldn’t finish watching it I couldn’t understand rape balloons and how far do we take this fucking glamour of rape and submission coming from musical “artists” who should empower women not bear black nail polish and streaked tears like a red dress under the grasp of tattooed director hiding footage until the right time. Is there even a right time to show this to … Continue reading raping Lana