Watching Anna Karenina

When that empty breeze
brings upon memories
of how your kisses tasted so sweet
your arms around my neck
gently lifting me
the white love surrounding
us on the green grass
and how I bit your lip
in ecstasy
and teased you
until the fights turned
into mad sex
meeting lovers in corridors
behind screens
and how love stands alone
blocks cages and church icons
as anger is the new breed
of communication
while you look down my blouse
hard for me
wanting all of me
my insides filled with only you
if I could give you more of me
I would
but I am stuck
somewhere between who I was
and who I want to be
for I am on that unpredictable wave
forecast is fluctuating
my insides are tortured
with common folk
but your eyes
oh those fucking eyes
how they see through every piece
of me
that I toss and shed off
like my clothes

You can undress me
without a touch
love me
until we speak no more
of this
or silence me
with no words
that make me search for my own.

It is how you pursue me
without wanting to
battling yourself

It is the death of us that preoccupies my mind rather than the birth.
One can die from a broken heart
and princesses and princes
are not immune
to clutching their heart
in torment.
No one can truly

I watch your strong back
as I leave you
no other choice
but to say goodbye
to the woman you
kissed on that fall day
and who loved you
with all her breath.


The danger is in the mind
as you lay your seeds
deep within its depth
fill me up with each syllable
walk away
as I drive insanely
hair flying out the window
escaping in my chariot
takes me a few minutes
to adjust my internal senses
after you leave me
heart pounding
knees ultimately too weak
to walk
and of course
it’s all in my mind
between erotic love scenes
sex acts of our dreams
and you want me to stay
but I will be torn in pieces
if I do
even worse
I welcome the poison
that comforts my sex
as I drive straight
into your torturous mind
and see we are not
so different after all.