The Sea

I’m just a tad more romantic

hopeless (to be exact)

the two combined

leave vomit on my shimmery and shine

same pants you rubbed

same sex you craved

and then the boxing bell rang loud

while we were in the bliss of all that fun

time to pack the bags

I have my train ticket

do you have the time?

I have my thongs with all the right words

do you have a rhyme?

I have my invites to the latest parties

do you want bits and pieces of my crime?

I confess to nothing

I embrace my sins

count me out

of the nails and pins

on the sleeves of your love

count me in

to the rhythm and blues of your heart

that’s all I wanted from the very start.

You, me, in all that denial

I sleep nude after I wake up

feel the sheets on my skin

as I press redial;

you hate when I call you

say the truth

stick me and you across in that booth

and your touching the letters

on my skin.

I dream in so much color

and waves of the ocean

the subtle drowning in me

wakes me up

I held my breath

from the bottom of the sea.

You might think I am a great storyteller

but I do not/cannot sit for four hours

in misery

reviewing colors and fabrics

with no glasses.

Just lay me down

I might float

or not.


It is Now

It is in the way you say

and do not say things that matters

most. I can read past slogans

see through air, calm down

in seconds. Explode over

charades, and win song titles

but I am not like you

and you are not like me.

This is what makes us so

compatible. Poetry has

fangs, soft skin, tainted

words. Books have happy

endings and you could

be in love with someone

who can love you so

much more. I will not

get offended or turn on the lights

before it is pitch dark.

Enormous swirls of regret

in bright colours follow me

(this is perfect for a girl like me).

It will always be hopeless

and I will always be a romantic.

You may set me afire

but then I breathe again. Remember

that you are not even with me

yet you are.

Heart pounding love

slow gasps of air

deep sighs of beauty

I lay all day waiting

for something to happen

and nothing ever does.

I shut my mouth

and win trivia games.

I hate wicked games

of love and deceit

and yet find myself

the main character

in my own drama.

Do whatever you want

I will not question your motives.

In essence, you should

run as far away from

me as you possibly could.

Please do,

the time is Now.

Poems poetry Some of my poems

September poems 1.

I am trying to sleep
really, I am
but thoughts and words
you’ve sent me
block my r.e.m. waves
I check on your love
like emails
does it even exist?
There is no pulse
so I sleep again
but nothing escapes
the iambic pentameter in my head
or the haiku, 5, 7,5
syllables, counting
and all I could think about
are juxtapositions
of words
that describe a kind of love
like ours
that exists in the air
through wires and sighs
unrelenting lies
sleepless states
locked up secrets
padlocks on unknown bridges
glimpses of me confuse
but I’d rather stay in bed
than confess to you
I want the sheets comfort
to erase the dark thoughts
of how I almost died
in no one’s arms
how horseshoes truly matter
and poems
can combust in mid-air.

I get to nothing
no finish line awaits
I am just another writer
or maybe not.

But I found you in this maze
and even when I let you go
I did not.
I could not.
I lied.

I think you look better with her
she’s softer around the edges
young, fresh
while I am too jaded
too fucking romantic
too old
too pretty
too witty.

Soon you will agree.