Poetry Book Trailer for LOVE & METAXA

Hello my beautiful people of WordPress,

I made this poetry book trailer for my upcoming book, Love & Metaxa. I used Canva and I am so excited to share it with you. I have included some advanced praise from blurbs. 

I was lucky enough to get so many blurbs from incredible poets and writers.

Here is an excerpt from Joshua Chris Bouchard, Toronto poet. 

“Christina Strigas is fearless. Love & Metaxa gracefully weaves love, trauma, romance, and brutality in an unapologetic poetic force. This book, both tender and fierce, lays everything bare, sacrifices nothing, and demands everything from language through intimate portraits of human chaos. Strigas asks of these experiences not only the why, but the how: intricate maps of longing, death, sex, and the place of the body. Each poem shucks meaning from the root of the world and considers it holy, a gift for the soul. You will want more when the last page turns.”

—Joshua Chris Bouchard, author of Let This Be the End of Me


Here is an excerpt from Amber Ridenour Walker, a poet I recently met and loved her upcoming collection, The Surfacing


“Tough-talking, tender, and devastating in its unwavering no-bullshit self-examinations, Love and Metaxa is a French kiss in a car crash, a lace-bra wearing rebel with a cause, a fearless street-smart older sister of a book. To be read and read again when you need comfort, a wake-up slap, or both.”

—Amber Ridenour Walker, poet

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Here in Quebec, we have a curfew, restaurants are still not open, but I got my first vaccine shot. 

I hope everyone is being safe and smart. 

Being creative is my favorite outlet.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

Christina x