Phases of my Love

Phase one is the need
the desire
the undeniable fire.
Phase two is the meeting
the clash
the unlined life in a flash
truly unknown
the attraction to see
how we fit
knowing full well
there’s no doubt in it.
Typing like lovers
voices under covers
bellowing out needs
aches in our loins
for the dirty deeds,
my nipples awaiting your bite
my inner folds swollen in your might.
I give it all
(not sure why you chose me after all)
just a flirt, you are
but I know
see more even from afar.

Ready to fight then burst
finding me first,
broken seashells of the past,
you hold my soul
be kind
a treasure you may find.

Phase three
is, of course, full of sorrow,
for the life of tomorrow
always apart/ from the start/
cheesy love poems in our hearts,
being the same shape it’s true,
I can’t turn away from your shade of blue.
The dark calls me
your light brings me so close
I could feel you next to me
and your words
they are the foreplay
of savage hearts.

There are more phases to explore
more silence to ignore
but I need you to read this
because it’s for you.


A well

(I wish I had more time to tell you how I love full sentences. I wish you could hear me when I sleep, but you’re out cold. I wish you understood me better, but as complicated as I seem, this is how the opposite is true).

I wish I didn’t see all the

grammar errors

I wish I could over-

look my inner child

and ignore the brilliant

colors of the sky.

I wish I didn’t have

this sixth sense

that tells me to run

or this rebel child

that wants me by her side.

I wish you were

in my paradise

when I was alone.

I wish that your voice

didn’t affect me

or your hands didn’t

grasp my waist

so firmly.

I wish your eyes wouldn’t wander

but my wishes

are all at the bottom

of the well

with rusty coins

and lost hope.

I cannot stop

the sadness

from ringing my bell

and letting herself in;

she has a way

of clearing out the alcohol cabinet.

I wish I could sail

on your boat,

but, just as the moon

has phases

so does love,

so do I

as so do you. 


In the damp night
your kiss
would take away
all the ache
of yesterday.

In the light sky
right before the sun rises
your arms
would caress the scars
which lie invisible to the eye.

In the twilight
your body would possess
begin where I end in time.

In the middle of the day
your words
would make all
the mundane disappear
a smile from ear to ear.

In the time between time
your mere existence
would be all I need
to get by my blocked fence.

In the universe
I could be the clouds
and you the sun
and I would not want
it any other way
even if you argue
digress about my dress
our minds are above
each other’s
in the grips of
the unknown.