Alexios & Elysia #17



As soon as Tommy and I sat down to watch the ballet, I felt that someone was watching me.

“I think Alexios is here,” I said nervously.

“I know. I already saw him,” Tommy whispered in my ear. “Show time.”

“Where is he?” I asked. Tommy ignored my question and came closer to me and kissed me. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. It was quite a sensual kiss; I felt a tingling all through my body and I definitely wasn’t pretending. He pulled away and placed his hand on my shoulder. His blue eyes warmed to mine. I lost myself for a few seconds.

“I’m sure he’s flipping,” Tommy said, cool as a cucumber.

“Do you…know where he’s sitting?”

“Don’t turn your head when I tell you. To the right, on the balcony, third row, middle section. Don’t look at him.”

“Okay,” I mumbled a little frazzled from the kiss.

“At intermission, you will go to the washroom…I’m sure he’ll be there.” He rubbed my arms up and down. “By the way, Ellie, I love the way you look in a dress.” He locked eyes with mine.

“Thank you.”

“The show will start any second. One more kiss, okay?” he spoke in my ear and his breath so close to my skin made me slightly weak. Luckily, I was sitting. I turned toward him and pulled him close and kissed him first, taking him a bit by surprise. Then I felt it, his tongue, his sweet, delicious tongue met mine. I heard a man next to me clear his throat and I pulled back.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Sorry for what? Don’t be sorry for that!” Tommy gave my neighbor a dirty look and said a little too loudly, “Sour puss.”

The lights went out and I retained a giggle. The lights went out and the music and curtains opened. It was magical. Tommy held my hand and caressed my knuckles in a way that made me lose my concentration.

“How do you like the ballet, Ellie?” he whispered ever so quietly in my ear.

“I like it very much,” I replied. I especially liked his breath on my ear.

Tommy touched the top of my knee, “I knew you would,” and smirked. “I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you…”

I didn’t look at him or reply. I kept my eyes on the stage. By the time I knew it, the lights went on and I quickly stood up.

“I’ll be back, sweetie,” I said acting like a loving girlfriend. He gave me a subtle smile and glanced at my body.

“Okay, sweetie,” he replied smoothly running his hand through his hair.

As soon as I got to the washroom, following the signs and trying hard not to fall in those fuckin’ heels, I saw Alexios. His green eyes penetrated into mine absolute anger. He had his leg up against one wall and waited for me to approach him. I practically fell into him, skipping over my own two feet and stumbling.

“I see, you have a new boyfriend,” Alexios said, holding out his hand to stop me from falling and not budging.

“It’s a date. He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Do you usually make out on your first date?” his eyes darkened ever so slowly and scared me slightly.

“What do you care? You took off and left me to fend for myself with your lies and sad puppy eyes.” Shit, this wasn’t what I was supposed to say and it sounded like a an immature rhyme. “Look, Alexios,” I leaned into him, “I still care for you.” I looked around. “Could you meet me tomorrow night?”

He grabbed both my arms and stood tall in front of me. “Why?”

I looked around nervously, pretending to be worried, “If Tommy sees you, he’ll kill you…” I was losing him. “I love you.” I figured that would get his attention.

“Where do you want to meet?” he asked coldly eyeing me closely.

“Starbucks. Seven p.m. tomorrow.” Before I could get a reply he was gone.

Fuckin’ vampires and their disappearing act.

Alexios & Elysia # 16



“Dima, I need your blue dress,” I said frantically on the phone.

“Okay, but, hold on, do you have a date?”


“With who? Don’t tell me that gorgeous guy at the bar?”

“Yes, him, but it’s not really a date.” Or was it?

“Sure, it’s not a date. That’s why you want to borrow my dress? When was the last time you wore a fuckin’ dress?”

I couldn’t even remember.

“Who cares? Can you bring it by, or what?”

“What time is your date?”

“Seven p.m.”

“Okay, I’ll be there at five.” Two hours?

“Oh yeah, please bring your curling iron…and Dima…”


“You’re a life saver!”

“I know!”

As soon as she came over she started with my complete makeover. “Okay, Ellie, let’s get to work!” She was so excited, holding onto the dress and barely through my door. “I also brought my blue pumps,” she added with a wicked smile. “Guaranteed to make his heart stop,” she smiled, “or his willie hard.”

“Willie?” I rolled my eyes, bursting into laughter. I grabbed the shoes out of her hand, “How the hell will I walk in these?”

“Trust me, they are super comfortable. Now get out of your clothes and put on a robe. We are starting with your makeup.” I did as was told and sat down in my bedroom in front of my vanity.

“Okay, now don’t move.” She did her magic, telling me to close my eyes, open my eyes, look up, look down, smile, and pucker up my lips. She curled my hair and sprayed it. “Follow me.” I got up. “Now take off the robe and I’ll dress you gently to not ruin your hair.” I put on the dress and the shoes and then she shoved me in front of the mirror whistling. “All done.”

I couldn’t believe it was me.

“You look hot…he’s gonna freak.” I suddenly felt nervous.

“These shoes are so comfortable,” I said. Dima looked at me exasperated.

“That’s all you have to say?”

“Wow. Thank you, Dima.”

“That’s better.” She patted herself on the shoulder. “I’m outta here, before the bell rings.” She glanced at her watch. “It’s almost seven.”

She grabbed her belongings and hugged me bye. “Have fun!”

I was too nervous to speak. Then the doorbell rang. Shit.

Dima opened the door and with a quick hello and back glance at me, she whisked herself off, but not until I saw her wink at me and open her mouth wide at his appearance. Tommy stood there staring at me. He looked magnificent.

“Hi,” I said.  He looked me up and down and cleared his throat.

“Hi, Ellie. You look stunning.”

“Thank you.” We stepped out of the house and I locked the door. He held out his arm for me and I wrapped my arm through his. He was solid and strong against me and I felt a slight tug in me.

As soon as we sat in the car and he started the engine, the music blared through the speakers and surprised me. He didn’t lower the volume. He continued driving as we listened to this sweet song.

“Who is this?” I asked curiously. “I’ve never heard them before.”

“Alabama Shakes. Do you like it?”

“I love her voice.”

Tommy lowered the volume. “Ellie,” he ran one hand through his hair and the other he held the wheel firmly, “we have to set some ground rules for tonight.”


“We have to show Alexios that we are into each other, so don’t be surprised or shocked when I kiss you, also, you have to reciprocate.” He gave me a sideways glance that I ignored.

“Fine.” I kept my cool although I was edgy. “I know the drill.”

“When he shows up, I want you to make a rendez-vous with him for another night, and that’s when I’ll kill him. Tell him you still love him and all that other shit he’ll want to hear and make it believable.”

He didn’t give me a chance to speak. He raised the volume again and we listened to the rest of the song. He sounded irritated.

When he parked the car and opened the door for me, he gave me his hand, “By the way, that dress you’re wearing is unforgettable.” I gave him my hand and I stood a few inches in front of him. He slightly touched my hair and I felt flustered. “Just go with it, he could be watching,” he whispered.

I let him touch my hair and I reached up and touched his. He wasn’t expecting that and I felt a slight shock at my touch and then an ease as I pulled it away.

Tommy put his hand in front so I could go ahead first, “After you…” he said in a low husky voice.  “This is going to be an interesting evening.”

Alexios & Elysia # 15



“What do you want me to do?”

Tommy’s eyes lingered on my lips a little too long. “I think you need to go to the ballet,” he said out of nowhere.

“The ballet? Are you serious?”

“I bet you’ve never been,” he smiled.

“Why do you say that?” How the fuck does he know I’ve never been…shit, the mind reading again. “Stop reading my mind!”

“I’m not. I just figured you never had anyone take you. I’m sure vampire shithead never took you,” and Tommy rolled his eyes.

“I don’t need anyone to take me to the ballet. I’m a capable woman. I just never had the chance to go,” I replied, hating my answer instantly as I noticed the smirk on his face and  his blue eyes twinkling like a mischevious child.

“It’s a great place to wear a dress,” Tommy said jokingly.

“You’re a real comedian! So what do you want me to do as a spy?” I asked changing the subject and getting back to the point.

“I just told you what we’re doing. We’re going to the Kirov Ballet. The Russians are the best,” he added.

“But why there?”

“Because we are going to make the hellhound jealous.” He just called Alexios a hellhound. Although it was offensive I wanted to crack up.

“And then?” I quickly asked nervously playing with the ends of my hair.

“He’ll show up and I’ll kill him,” he plainly said looking at me as if I was lost. “You see, bella, if Alexios sees me with you, and this is where your acting skills come in as a spy, he’ll get angry and act irrational, as vampires are known to do. As long as you pretend to be interested in me.” Tommy looked at my attire and added, “I’m sure you can muster up some sex appeal, actualy, the way you are playing with your hair right now is a perfect example of what I want him to see.” He gazed intently at me, “you know exactly how to get a guy hot and bothered.”

I stopped twirling my hair. Part of me wanted to run out of that restaurant and his hair-brained schemes, part of me wanted to continue twirling my strands of hair.


“Wait, don’t tell me to go fuck myself again.”

“You have some nerve, you know that? Now, when are we going?”

“Tomorrow night.”

“You already bought the tickets?”

“I love the ballet.”

“How do you know I was going to go with you?”

“I didn’t,” he looked at the waitress and waved her over.She was there within seconds.

“Two more,” he said, pointing to the empty wine. She looked at him like she wanted to jump him right there and then in front of me.

“Yes, right away,” she said hurrying off.

“I think she likes you,” I laughed.

“The only girl I have to make like me, is you, at least for pretend, that is,” and smiled at me. “He’ll be watching…and we have to pretend to be into each other.” He laid his hands on the table. “Don’t you just love the word pretend? It gives me a pang of excitement.” The waitress arrived and heard his last word and gave me a dirty look.

“Will there be anything else?” she flirted with Tommy.

“No, thanks,” he replied staring at me.

“So, Ellie, are you ready for your closeup?

I wasnt’ ready for anything. The wine made me slightly dizzy and Tommy’s eyes penetrating into mine left my belly all tingly. I didn’t like this feeling. Not one little bit.

He smiled. “You’ll be fine.”

We finished the wine quickly and we went over tomorrow night’s events. We left the restaurant and got into his car. We drove in silence. I tried to block off any thoughts.

“I told you that I won’t read your mind…and I haven’t . I’m a man of my word, Ellie.”

He stopped in front of my house. “Pick you up at seven p.m. sharp tomorrow,” he said and got out of his car and came around to open my door.

“You’re quite a gentleman,” I remarked, gtting out of the car and standing two inches away from him. I felt it immediately. Electricity coarsed through my veins. I stepped back and said a quick bye.

“Don’t forget to wear a dress,” he called out to me as my weak legs carried me to my front steps. I didn’t look back.

Shit, I needed back up.

Alexios & Elysia #14



“Why didn’t Alexios kill you?” I asked.

“I think he likes the game. He said to me, ‘I could easily kill you.’ I said, ‘ Then why don’t you?’ he replied, ‘Then what would be the point of your existence?'”

“This is hard to believe…we are talking about the same guy..” I stammered. My head was spinning.

“The one and only,” Tommy smirked. “Alexios wants to have a reputation as the one who got away. If he had killed me then I wouldn’t go around saying how bad ass he is. Honestly, he’s a sick motherfucker.”

“He really played me, then?”

“Unfortunately, Ellie, you were played, you were hoodwinked.”


“For want of a better word…fooled,” Tommy smiled. “We were both made fools.”

“So I guess we have something in common,” I said exasperated.

“That’s why you must help me catch him. Please, Ellie, can you be a spy for me?” his eyes pierced into mine. At the mention of my name on his lips I got fucked up…he looked like a sad puppy dog, then suddenly his face changed to a serious look.

“Spy?” I needed to know exactly what this entailed.

“Yeah, pretend you still care for him and entrap him and I’ll move in for the kill,” Tommy’s eyes gleamed something scary.

“I don’t know. I don’t have some kind of on/off switch. I do still have feelings for Alexios.” I looked down and played with my cuticles on my fingers.

“Ellie, do you want him to find another vulnerable victim and repeat what he’s done to you?” I kept my head down and when I looked at him he seemed so pissed. Hold up, did he say vulnerable?

“Vulnerable? How so?” I replied angrily.

“Look, I’ve done my background check, plus, I’ve been following you.” He quickly looked away and then back at me,”You lead a pretty lonely life. You have no real family around and your best friend is married and quite occupied. I think you were a perfect victim. Also, you don’t strike me as the type of girl that sleeps around.” He winked at me.

Now I was fuming and my mind was racing…part of what he had said was true…it’s his attitude that quickened my pulse. And at that particular moment the waitress came with our food.

“Here you go, your fish platters,” and she placed the dishes in front of us, all this gave me a quick minute to compose myself. “Bon apetit,” she said and looked dreamily at Tommy. He completely ignored her and kept on trying to get my attention by staring at me. He was probably trying to read my mind, but I blocked my thoughts instantly.

“I’ll do it,” I said. I will? Where did that come from? I sounded so sure of myself.

The waitress looked at Tommy and gave him a sneaky smile. “Aren’t you lucky?” she flirted with him.

“No, it’s not like that!” I interjected, how can some women be such bitches?

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she smiled. “I was just kidding…” and she left slightly embarassed.

“Are you always such a tight ass?” He said jokingly.

“Are you always such an asshole?” I shot back at him. He laughed out loud.

“Yes, now eat up. Bon apetit, my partner.”

“I’m not your fuckin’ partner.” Partner? He’s got to be kidding.

“We’ll see about that…whatever you want to call me is fine by me.”

“Okay, Mr. Cool Vampire Hunter who can Read Minds and is an Asshole, what’s the next move?”

“So, you think I’m cool?” he smiled taking a bite of his food.

It was beyond my control…my laughter just burst and the waitress gave me a dirty look.

Alexios & Elysia # 11


“He killed people?”

“What do you think? He was a vampire that never killed people? You have to wake up and smell the coffee, my dear. Your great-grandmother, Elizabeth, had a gift and  you have one too. You see, you are exactly like her, except you’ve been blocked.”


He drank from his beer and glanced around the bar. “This place is a real dive. I have to show you around. Your city has some cool bars and you choose this one?”

“I like the music.”

“That’s the only thing it’s got going for it,” Tommy looked back at me. “Yes, where was I? Blocked…and try to take a lucky guess, who has blocked you?”

“Don’t tell me, Alexios!”

He put his hands together and clapped, “Ladies and gents we’ve got a winner!” he said his blue eyes smiling at me as if he was a comedian.

“What’s wrong with  you? Is everything a joke to you?” I said angrily.

“Is everything so serious to you? You have to loosen up, Ellie, do you mind if I call you Ellie?”

No one has ever called me Ellie before, he had my head spinning with all his information. His eyes widened and he smirked. Man, his good looks threw me off. I played with my hair nervously.

“Are my looks distracting you, Ellie?”

“You are really obnoxious, Tommy. Who said anything about your looks?”

“I see you like my name,” he laughed.

“I never said that!” Shit I forgot he read minds. Block out everything, I said to myself.

“Ellie, you are quite a spitfire” he took a sip of his beer, and finished it off. He winked at the barmaid and gestured for another two. “Drink up,” he said to me.

I took a few sips trying not to think of anything then I asked him, “How could Alexios block my gift?”

“Alexios was on a mission when he met you. It wasn’t an accident. He was acting and playing a game with you because only a vampire’s presence could make Elizabeth’s spirit guide impenetrable.”

“How about when he left for all those years?”

“Didn’t he send you something? His words and scent have a magical spell around you. It is as if he is surrounding you. He left because he was head over heels for you. No longer valuable. A love-sick puppy,” Tommy rolled his eyes and gestured with his index finger to gag. “He was told to keep on sending you words, your lovely love letters you cherish so, you have to fuckin’ burn them. Stop reading them on the bus. He did this so your bond could not disconnect, and your gift be revealed to you.”

“This sounds absurd. Wait up, how do you know I’ve read his letters on the bus? You’ve been following me?”

“Ever since you’ve been wearing the bracelet I gave you, are you thinking about Alexios as much?” He ignored my question with another question. He was a fast-talker.

“Come to think of it, no.”

“You see, the connection is starting to wear off, thankfully,” he looked at my shoes out of nowhere and up my body to my face. I felt self-conscious and moved in my seat slightly. Everything Tommy said was insane, but somehow made sense. “You really should try to dress up. I’m sure you would look amazing in a dress. Why do you cover your body?”

“That’s none of your business! How I dress or what I wear shouldn’t concern you!”

“Ah, my sweet Ellie, that’s where you are wrong. I am here to catch that lying Casanova of a boyfriend you have, and you are my bait.”

I stood up and looked for Dima. She caught my look and got up. I nudged my head to her toward the exit door, shaken up. “Tommy, go fuck yourself!”

His jaw dropped and immediately his blue eyes twinkled. He stood up and hovered over me, he curtsied like I was some kind of duchess and said, “I had a lovely time talking to you, the pleasure was all mine, obviously, and now I’ll take my leave and go fuck myself, but just so you could know, I really think a dress would compliment you, but you look beautiful in anything you wear,” and he walked away before I got a chance to. I wanted to walk out on him!

He followed me? Alexios was on a mission? I had a gift? What the fuck?

Dima rushed over to me, “What was all that about?”

I looked at my friend Dima and felt my knees go weak, my head dizzy and then blackness.

I hit the hard floor to the tune of Depeche Mode’s, World in my Eyes.

Alexios & Elysia #8

So this technically should be my last installment for the month of February, but I’m really not ready to say goodbye to my characters in my head…

Thanks to for the inspiration. Also kudos to the awesome writers who have participated with me.


I was all sweaty and hot and dying of thirst. I stopped at a depanneur (convenience store for those not in Quebec), and drank a bottle of water in one split second. I looked all around the Plateau area and didn’t see anyone. The woman was nowhere to be seen and Alexios was God knows where by now.

I walked back home trying to get my heart beat back to normal. From across the street, I saw him sitting at my front steps waiting like a sad puppy.

“Alexios!” I shouted.

He looked at me and  smiled. He appeared calm and relaxed. Why is it he always appears when I am all dirty?

“You better come in,” I said as I ran to him.

“Of course. I took care of the problem.” He smiled at me and glanced down at my bosom.

“What do do you mean?” I unlocked my door and threw off my jacket.

“I found The Women and they said they would take care of it for me. This is what they do.”

“That easy?”

“Apparently,” he smirked. “And now I want to be with you…” he appeared within inches of my face.

I stepped back. “I’m taking a shower! But I want an explanation.”

“Okay, do you have any wine?”

“Yeah, look in the pantry on the bottom shelf.”

It must have taken me five minutes to take a shower. I wanted to be with Alexios so bad. I couldn’t believe everything was over…

I quickly dried myself and wore my jeans and a t-shirt that had a peace sign on it. It was one of my favorites. I didn’t wear a bra.

My hair was wet and tangled, but I didn’t care. I came out of my room and found him sitting on the couch with two glasses of wine on the coffee table. I heard some classical music playing in the background.

“Do you mind? I put it on 99.5, the classical station.”

“No, it’s fine.” I sat down next to him and bent to pick up my glass.

“Cheers,” I said and our glasses met in one single motion. His eyes sparkled and his arm fell on my back as he downed the wine in two seconds.  The red wine warmed me up and I finished mine just as fast as he did. I felt a surge of heat from the wine and heat from my body overtake me.

We kissed passionately on the couch and his heavy form pressed against mine. I felt weak at the knees for him. My body was pulsating and then it happened, I felt his breath on my skin, his lips up against my neck, his words penetrating my soul and I knew that this feeling erupting in me was ethereal.

“I want you badly,” and his hands were under my shirt, caressing my breasts, my nipples and then with one hand he unbuttoned my button and my zipper and I fell into a sexual heat like no other.  I couldn’t even reply and tell him how much I wanted to feel him inside me. I just closed my eyes and let myself go and moaned.

Suddenly, I heard a loud crash.

Alexios stood up immediately, looking around. I opened my eyes and looked at the window. In mid-air, at the middle of my window I saw one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen in my entire life. I was horny as hell, so that didn’t help my feelings.

I was half-naked and panting. He stared directly at me and froze. Alexios had escaped. I didn’t even know where he went.

“Who are you?” I asked pulling my shirt down and buttoning up my pants, while a stranger (handsome as hell) was flying in the air nonchalantly at my window. Things couldn’t get any wierder…

“Athanasios,” he said and jumped into my living room. “Do you know you were kissing a vampire?” and he looked at me like I was crazy. Of course I knew. Oh. My. God. Athanasios. What the fuck?