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If you’ve read any of my books, I would appreciate a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Click on the link above to see what I’m reading and my reviews.  I have tried for the past few days to add the Goodreads widget to my blog, but I feel so lost in cyberspace, not even youtube tutorials help, so I suppose it’s not meant to be. However, I feel that Goodreads is such a useful social media site for writers and readers to share their works and opinions on books.

I am always honest in my reviews and don’t believe in fake praise.

I have received some invitations to review some poetry books from authors I know, and I am going to be posting some of them up on my blog soon.  If anyone is interested I will consider reviewing some poetry books if you want to email me at

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First novel

Piling mistakes like old poems

you should not have let

me in. i will eat you

alive. and

you will

want more.

while i run

in the opposite direction.

dive into all the

oceans. list of highways.

skip crossroads. until

i stop in front

of the moon. and

close all the roads

that lead to you.

you should have known

it would come to this.

i can’t wake up at

three a.m in the rain,

wind and confusion. it

could be insatiable. lust

and greed. forget the money.

it doesn’t exist between the

metaphors. jewelry and crosses

under the mats with the keys,

sex is the drive, desire

and A+ awards

on poetic shit means

nothing here. touch

and unwritten poems

can burn. find the words

i need to hear and

fuck the rest.

Poems poetry


I do not know
if there is a truth
to words astray
how the stream flows
we stare at time
how motives, ambition,
passion, and sex can drive us
into killing
like a blade of words
a sword of our love
as we swing
in the downpour
walk to the chirps
of the cardinal bird
then I look to my left
signs everywhere
of you and I
in heaven.
Dead Kennedys speak up
your crowd is dwindling
mine has forgotten the path
searching for the latest trends
while I relive the old wrath
trekking to Mont Royal
taking the gravel road
to the Cross.
the same initials
scream out at me
and Of course I wonder
you would too.
What else am I left to do?