No Way Back (day 2)

The further you push me away

the closer I get to myself,

the new year has me spinning

in metaphors

sleepless nights and writing storms

I dreamt of poetry in all its deathly colours

you spoke to me from afar

it was barely a whisper

but I could read lips when I sleep

No way back

you said.

The sea so vast

and there I am at the shore

scared of the deep end

and you said,

you can do it

I’m watching you, don’t worry

I’ll be here for you.
True to your words

you kept me safe.

then  you disappear like the dead

and there’s no way back

to the start


time goes forward.

You can sing me a song

write me a book

pay my bills

create art out of nothing

find fault with my cooking

love the artist in me

but perfection is an ideal

I’m not a statue

stop pretending

I am.

I love how the ocean feels

against my skin

it reminds me

of how we placed our

feet in the water

the first time we met.



full moon in eight hours

I search for it
just as you do
forgetting about love
on Sunday
cooking shrimps
and Greek potatoes
so the sunshine
stays away.
Fine by me.
Go to Old Folks home
and play Greek music
they dance for Pappou
so I don’t cry.
I even give it a whirl
bring in the new year
with some fake cheer.
Give it time.
I want you.
You have nothing to do
with soy sauce
and the temperature
of my oven.
I keep listening.
Never understand
why we argue over the spoons
and my drinking.
Just move by me
like a wicked wind.
I will lay with my books
and make love
to your poems.
I will go days
without a word
embrace the silence
and make any meal
your heart desires.
We can eat over jazz
and swing back time
you would get why
I burn candles
and days I don’t.
You would get
why I love cemeteries
and haunted rainy playlists.
It is perfect to soak
in no Vitamin D.
Pass the pills
ingest the sunshine
echo the emptiness
the humidity of
the cold freezing rain.
Warm my legs with yours
warm my hands with yours
and numb my pain
with the edge
of your touch.
The moon has no
only equations.