Last night I fell asleep before you came home. I dragged the dog out for a walk but he hates the cold as much as I do. He pissed all over the kitchen floor, he despises being alone. He ate snacks before bedtime wallowing in loneliness. You wanted to have sex while I had creative writing on my mind. My blue journal sprawled between my … Continue reading Woodnotes

Les Enfants Terrible

http://www.femininecollective.com/les-enfants-terribles/?utm_campaign=crowdfire&utm_content=crowdfire&utm_medium=social&utm_source=social#2195478619-tw#1497834079543#2195478619-tw#1497834330095   Hello everyone,   Excited to share a new poem with you. Click on link above. I am also excited to announce that I will be a new member of SD, (Sudden Denouement) a first rate literary collective.   Much love and gratitude, Christina Strigas     Continue reading Les Enfants Terrible