Last night I fell asleep before you came home. I dragged the dog out for a walk but he hates the cold as much as I do. He pissed all over the kitchen floor, he despises being alone. He ate snacks before bedtime wallowing in loneliness. You wanted to have sex while I had creative writing on my mind. My blue journal sprawled between my … Continue reading Woodnotes


Vodka, champagne ice bucket, free drinks on the house because we know the club owner. This is his wife, we are her privileged friends. We drink and eat for free and pretend we mean something to no one. Girls, girls, girls, on fire, out to impress each other with shoes and a purse and nothing to say. It was q & a for me “What … Continue reading GNO


I mostly watched the singer shake away his age as it caught up with him and nothing seemed to impress us anymore besides one hundred dollar bills and vodka shots. The youth left us with our past. Our ten percent shot at another night of bringing back the days. All the drunken sailors tried to get their hands on us but we have to try … Continue reading Metropolis