I videotaped the bridge and the sunset

I wanted to be a director

make movies. I have all these

ideas of how I would begin my movie

the perfect song, kiss, walk,

the sunrise of actors. It feels

as if my dreams keep on copulating

instead of dying. Almost half way

through my life and I feel seventeen.

Stuck at that age that took me

for granted. I love your art and music

and style, the way you kiss me

in the middle of the street. I love your

sixth sense, how you still love her

how you break walls with words

no need to even touch me

you did it first. so masterfully.

I keep on fantasizing about

directing movies, my other lives

coming to life, my poems

ripped up and in the ocean

so you could read them

one day

when you’re lying on the beach

with your beautiful family

and remember

I was just a piece of art.


Driving my New Car

It was a cool night in May

my brother’s birthday

and my sunroof off on the highway.

I picked up my girlfriends

to bring them back to 1984.

We bear the cross with our outings

leaving dishes and kids

in sink

husbands in disarray

wide-eyed and handing out cash

for popcorn and music legends.

Do you need consoling again?

All the time.

I sped to 1030 in a hurry

and cried in the front row

with a sore neck.

It’s like reliving Rocky Horror

at Vanier

and living through another first time.


I love all my firsts

and dread the last.

The view from Brossard is epic

over the bridge

but please drive my brand new car

I got that tingling sensation again

to anxious

to look down

so let the night

feel me up.

I imagine backseat limousines

and cab rides

where our hands are free

to touch each other.

This is what races

through my 110 km ride

off of the Montreal lights

as Purple Rain never runs

out of gas.

I never bore

and my friends joke

the author formerly known as Chrissy.

It seems that strangers can see through me


they believe what they read

and think that every you

is a living person

but most of the time

it is the dead

who speak to me more

than the living.