Montreal Canadians Win

I don’t know how the Montreal Canadians

win games

they were not meant to

or keep holding on

when the world expects

them to let go

this is how the Montreal Sky

has a unique sunset

each night

and no one

gambles on points

or clouds

I was teaching

Go habs go

so I only saw the last 4 minutes

no way

that you can bet on

love like you bet

on a hockey game

love is unexpected

and hits you


when you think

you are over someone

when you are rooting

for the other side.

This is not the last time

I will write about you and hockey.

It’s only the beginning of the end.

Remember that time on the couch

when you turned to me and said

I love it when you watch the game with me

even though I was on the phone the entire time

you still felt closer


less alone.