“Measured Teaspoons” from LOVE & METAXA

If you click on the link you will find three of my poems published on Iamb Poetry and my voice recordings of each one. “Measured Teaspoons” is from my new poetry book, Love & Metaxa, which just went live yesterday, and is available to purchase on all online bookstores.

Measured Teaspoons

Who loves me anymore?
People like to rehash old said shit,

From five years ago …
You punched a door,
There’s still a wrecked hole to remind me.

Pin their poetry on your forehead.
Jinx, touch red, 
it’s identical now. 
Someone brings you red wine
you smile
taking about reading and writing                    
you try to tell a joke
fail miserably.
Look around the room like a stranger.

That’s not what I meant at all.

Who loves me anymore?

They see me with fugitive themes,
Forgive me for always leaving,
Flinch at the sign of my danger
Writers like to
play sex games in the day,            
Adventurous and dangerous love.

I can never tell who wants me,
Damaged and wounded from giving away
My secrets for cash or fantasies for free,
Or if they do
My ego never knows,
Did you take out the garbage?

I can never tell time anymore.
It keeps rambling on and on like a song on the radio
you can’t listen to anymore
Indifferent to the wrinkles on my skin.
It’s not Friday today? When was my birthday?

I may be losing my witching powers,
Maturing into the skin of my mother and father         
Perhaps they never existed,
Maybe normality is flowing stillness into my veins,

I have become what they feared.
Old and out of date,

I have walked into a party   
In the wrong era’s outfit,
And when you try to explain it:
The meaning of poetry,

When they ask,
Why you’re wearing nylons with sandals,
You keep repeating,
Because I want to.

Yet you realize no matter
How you express yourself

What you really want to say is:    
That’s not what I meant at all.


Foreword by Alexandra Meehan

When I asked Alexandra Meehan, my editor, to do a foreword for Love & Metaxa, I wanted my readers to understand the connection a poet has with the editor. It’s not just a cut-and-dry edit, this poetry editing process for Love & Metaxa has taken us years of going back and forth, it’s a creative process that brought out my creativity, my desires, my words, and my own self-reflection. What did I actually mean when I wrote this poem?

Alexandra is a master editor, her brain is like a computer when it comes to grammar, punctuation, poetic devices. She sees through words the way I never could.

Some of my poems went on for pages and she literally split them down the middle and said, “This is actually two poems. Now fix it.” I would stare at these two poems that were once one poem and try to see what she saw, then I would rewrite, reword, restructure, and she was absolutely correct! I couldn’t see that they were two poems. Without Alexandra, the poems in the book would be very different.

    For all emerging poets thinking it will take you a few months to put your poems in a word document and then publish, I am here to tell you, you are mistaken.  My poems have never been more polished than they are in this book, and this is all due to the editing. 

     In Love & Metaxa, Alexandra Meehan and I edited up until the last day before I uploaded the manuscript. It was an intense last couple of months, not knowing how long the process would take us, and having a deadline for pre-order. 

    I want to include the foreword here for the people who have the original version of the book. If you receive my book with a foreword then rest assured you have the edited, correct version. We had zero control of its distribution as a result of Magnolia Press. To learn more about how this uncontrollable fiasco nearly gave me an aneurysm, click here:

I want to include the foreword because I am so proud of the editing that Alexandra Meehan has provided me in this book. 

It was as if she entered my mind. She nicknamed me “Speedy” because when I was on a writing roll, I could not stop. My pet peeve is the editing process!

I admit it’s all about the poetic ego. I have learned to abandon the ego and go with the best word for the poem. To achieve a perfect poem you sometimes edit more or less. The only poem in the book that was not edited and was published as I wrote it the first time here on my blog is “Making My Lists Before Dawn.”

My next blog post I will tell you all about the creative process of writing that poem.

Here is the Foreword by Alexandra Meehan from my poetry book Love & Metaxa.

If you want to reach Alexandra Meehan you can email her at :

Her Twitter handle:

Alexandra Meehan is a writer and poetry editor residing in Gainesville, Florida. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has worked as a creative consultant, professional writer, and as a creative writing tutor. Her poetry has been featured by the Feminine Collective and Rhythm & Bones, among others. In her spare time, Alexandra cultivates Venus flytraps, paints, and cares for her rescue cats.


Blurb for LOVE & METAXA

Marc Antony Owen and I follow each other on Twitter. He won my last poetry book, Love & Vodka in a giveaway. He asked me to be featured on his innovative creative collaborative poetry site in November 2020. If you want to know more about his site please visit and read and listen to all the talented poets: where he features many voices of poetry, published and unpublished, famous and not so famous. What is unique about iamb is that alongside your poems are your readings of the poems which he publishes on SoundCloud. He featured three of my poems to listen to and read. Here is the link:

“Measured Teaspoons” is from my upcoming collection, Love & Metaxa.

Mark Antony Owen gives so much of his time and energy to the poetry community. I am so grateful to have been a part of one his “waves.”

Syllabic poet Mark Antony Owen writes exclusively in nine original forms – sometimes, with variations. His work centres on that world where the rural bleeds into the suburban: a world he calls ‘subrural’. Mark is the author of digital-only poetry project Subruria, as well as the founder, editor, designer, sound engineer and publisher of iamb.

This is the wonderful blurb he wrote for Love & Metaxa:

“The only words that should be used to describe Christina Strigas’s poetry – in this volume or any of her others – are Christina’s words themselves. Some readers will find the emotional (and sexual) honesty in Love & Metaxa simply too overwhelming, too raw. But surely, even they will recognise and respect the palpable longing, tender confession and unflinching confrontation of truths exposed by these poems. You want poetry to soothe and comfort? Read another poet.”

—Mark Antony Owen, author of Subruria


“Magic” by Christina Strigas: A Poetry Reading

I am so thrilled to share with you one of my poems, “Magic” from Love & Metaxa. There are 104 poems in this poetry book.

Please click on link to watch on YouTube, and if you want to subscribe to my channel, please do so! I will try to post more poetry readings and other fun elements about writing.

Thank you so much for watching.


Blurb for LOVE & METAXA

Hannah VanderHart wrote me this wonderful blurb for Love & Metaxa. Hannah VanderHart lives in Durham, North Carolina. She holds an MFA in poetry from George Mason University and an MA in English from Georgetown, where she worked with Carolyn Forché at the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice. In 2019, she received her PhD in English from Duke University and defended the dissertation Gender and Collaboration in Seventeenth-Century English Poetry. Her poetry, reviews, and essays have appeared in Poetry DailyThe Boston GlobeKenyon ReviewAmerican Poetry Review.

She is the author of the poetry chapbook Hands like Birds (Ethel Zine Press, 2019) and the poetry collection What Pecan Light (forthcoming from Bull City Press, Spring 2021). Her works-in-progress include the poetry collection Larks and the essay collection Confederate Monument Removal. Hannah is the reviews editor at EcoTheo Review and edits Moist Poetry Journal.

What Pecan Light is now available for preorder from Bull City Press

Hannah VanderHartBlog at

“Christina Strigas’s Love & Metaxa is a book for dark nights and lit city streets. Evoking the frankness of Ariana Reines—a true muse of post-Bukowski women poets—Strigas writes compelling of poets in the age of internet “high on imagery… looking out the windows anxious / about this and that.” A collection that wanders as much as it desires and pursues, Love & Metaxa is heart-catchingly bare with itself and its reader, often stripping a poem down to its most vulnerable lines as one strips a bed: “I threw Shakespeare at you…but all you cared about was the white shape of my ass in the air.”

—Hannah VanderHart, author of What Pecan Light

I have met so many kind writers through Twitter. Which writers have you met online who you have bonded with?