I have to take off my bracelets to love you but I keep my ring to remind me of all the misunderstandings in modern love and romance. First one is the texting, then the replies then the emojis the silence. Then the waiting around to be misunderstood while waiting in grocery lines and examining faces lines, reactions. Smiling at strangers in real life, on the … Continue reading Misunderstanding


I mostly watched the singer shake away his age as it caught up with him and nothing seemed to impress us anymore besides one hundred dollar bills and vodka shots. The youth left us with our past. Our ten percent shot at another night of bringing back the days. All the drunken sailors tried to get their hands on us but we have to try … Continue reading Metropolis


Make a house call, pay the bills catch my love with jeans and pills spread me across your bed light the candles, you’re so well-read. i’ll be hoping for fate to kill all my hate to stop this torment of life leave me on a swing with no sharp knife. I could kiss you to death take all the day’s breath with one touch of … Continue reading Calls