In Conversation with Christina Strigas You Tube Interview

I was asked by Kevin Barhydt to do a You Tube “Conversation” one find day in April. We chatted about everything that has to do with the creative process, poetry, art, meditation, painting, and I read two of my poems live.

Everything was spontaneous. I made a cup of tea and sat in my writing room and connected with Kevin. I hope you enjoy the chat and subscribe to his channel.

Kevin Barhydt is a teacher and author. You can find him at:

He is the author of Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother

Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother is not simply a story of redemption; it is a vivid tale of the fall.”From first time author, Kevin Barhydt, comes a memoir of how a young boy abandoned, abused and addicted became a man with the hope, courage and resilience to seek his biological mother.

Abandoned by his mother at birth, Kevin was enveloped in a labyrinth of adoption, addiction, and child sexual abuse. By age 20, a shell of the boy he once was, Kevin succumbed completely to a suicidal lifestyle of drug dealing and prostitution. At 45, after many years of recovery, Kevin began a painful journey to uncover his origins, and the hopeful search for his mother.

“Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother” chronicles the unfolding of these two stories. The interwoven perspectives offer an unflinching look at the myriad ways life can cloak us in darkness and helplessness yet still resonate with joy and recovery.

Here is the You Tube link: