Brand New

Every dress she wore had a hole in it. She used to sew but they always came apart, she was never as good as her grandmother. Now it is a stand she takes to break down the hold he has on her waist on her tight fitting dress, she refuses to make it brand new preferring the tattered one for it is the perfect shade … Continue reading Brand New


I want to give you what you ask for. I truly do but all my shopping bags are full. Nothing for me to buy here. No romance, no hope, no futile essence sold in jars. I want to write you the most beautiful love poem ever written, but that’s already been done before. Instead take my heart, I kept it wrapped up for you, untouched, … Continue reading Take


at times I think you see me when I am no longer there our hearts grow heavy you used to love me when days were warmer and nights were colder odd thoughts about needles and skin falling into my thoughts light raindrops in deep nights with gaps strong enough for me big arms to envelop me sweet words to whisper in my neck your load … Continue reading heavy


I wear a fishu regard words with judgement eat fresh croissants close to Palais-Royal and watch you arrrive with hope and ideals about the future of France amongst my wax sculptures poking their head at you and embarking on the journey that is destined for free thinkers such as us. I will marry you one day handsome genius of air balloons but first my audience … Continue reading Marie


I don’t know how to do much on the computer I try to change things up  but waste my time in traps detour life in enclosed cars drive with hands in the air blasting music until I get annoying Montreal weather unpredictable and overbearing like love and lust combined in sex and people stare at grocery lines like I’m some kind of stranger then they … Continue reading rope