I wrote it on the beach while staring at the ocean but forgot to send it deleted it somehow and poetry faded into the sand under my feet. I hear what you say but I’m nodding at the sky it’s talking to me so be silent. listen. i told you to stare and you did, listening to the wind and how the earth moved with … Continue reading Freedom


it seems we have this neglected approach to African dresses and lost stitching. (she’s so confused with her choice of coffee that love is not even on the menu ) she cried in my car because she saw those girls having fun, loving each other, neglecting her. so fuck the social media, fuck the “in your face play by play action of petty lives”. she … Continue reading Zeus

June second

the lights are red, but i want to go up into the sky. drive right through the pink and purple all night long. this is my porn. you text me your naughty, i’ll dream in the fucking clouds. it’s june second, two thousand and fifteen, remember the 80’s? i relive them. another full moon? do you really care all that much? stop howling. i feel … Continue reading June second


All insipidly  wavy inside of me like the texture of my hair  yet you reach for it. Some songs can bring me  to the edge of the sea ready to plunge,  others suck my soul bare Pain pulling each string piece by piece.   Most women love to gas up, pile in the bags pretend they are content and read Fifty Shades as if it’s … Continue reading Wavy


Hate me profoundly abhor every word the fence is locked forgot the key turn here, dammit I slam on the brakes nothing has been the same since you woke me up I loved my sleeping ways finding shelter in his arms. Break a spell spring forth all the sayings poems memorized in my poetry class I read the journals loaded up my manuscripts watched them … Continue reading Hate


even if I finished my plate you would fill up another one with plenty of words that mean absolutely nothing my heart has been surrounded by fort walls for years solid weak collapsing fortified you love to hate me you hate to love me i leave you my pounding heart take it away from me i don’t want it anymore leave me with a pen … Continue reading untitled