Brand New

Every dress she wore had a hole in it. She used to sew but they always came apart, she was never as good as her grandmother. Now it is a stand she takes to break down the hold he has on her waist on her tight fitting dress, she refuses to make it brand new preferring the tattered one for it is the perfect shade … Continue reading Brand New


There was a time in the 80’s when I was sixteen and Michael was my everything while I was his nothing. And even years later every time I’d see him he pretended i was nothing. from nothing to something. from something to nothing. i call him an asshole now. even my daughter knows his name. it’s not a fucking secret how i loved him. you … Continue reading Sixteen

June second

the lights are red, but i want to go up into the sky. drive right through the pink and purple all night long. this is my porn. you text me your naughty, i’ll dream in the fucking clouds. it’s june second, two thousand and fifteen, remember the 80’s? i relive them. another full moon? do you really care all that much? stop howling. i feel … Continue reading June second


Been crying internal bleeding from wanting the streets to be cleared from heartache but the plow came too late and my love it’s bound up in twisted fate- feeling it all then nothing. What is wrong with me? The snow is heavy breaking my fall wanting to lean up against your wall so you could kiss me hard feel my tears as I crawl as … Continue reading Cryin’