Last night I fell asleep before you came home. I dragged the dog out for a walk but he hates the cold as much as I do. He pissed all over the kitchen floor, he despises being alone. He ate snacks before bedtime wallowing in loneliness. You wanted to have sex while I had creative writing on my mind. My blue journal sprawled between my … Continue reading Woodnotes

Le Club

“the difference between Art and Life is that Art is more bearable” – Charles Bukowski   I want to keep all the seconds minutes, hours to myself. I want to revel in the magic of two glistening bodies. I made a list of things and created poetry from chandeliers and hotel lobbies. Pinot noir and club sandwiches with no tomatoes who would believe the poem? … Continue reading Le Club


I wrote it on the beach while staring at the ocean but forgot to send it deleted it somehow and poetry faded into the sand under my feet. I hear what you say but I’m nodding at the sky it’s talking to me so be silent. listen. i told you to stare and you did, listening to the wind and how the earth moved with … Continue reading Freedom

June second

the lights are red, but i want to go up into the sky. drive right through the pink and purple all night long. this is my porn. you text me your naughty, i’ll dream in the fucking clouds. it’s june second, two thousand and fifteen, remember the 80’s? i relive them. another full moon? do you really care all that much? stop howling. i feel … Continue reading June second