Poems poetry Some of my poems


I do not have to meet you anywhere,
but in my mind
where the roads are in construction,
the gravel dangerously bumpy,
ditches in surprises,
Montreal potholes in abundance.
Those bloody detours, confusing,
anxiety ridden,
misplaced and I am letting you in.

You enter graciously, carefully,
confidently. You have no difficulties, no fears, you actually like it, you want it. Of course, I think you saw way too much. So I crumble,
move my lips to no music.
Stay a while.
You ease into my answers.
You like my hard nipples,
trashy romance,
smoking, drinking ways
you enjoy watching me read, crossing my legs and concentrating on every word, comma, period. You buy me the booze, the drinks, the smokes and then you hold my hair back as I purge all. And still,
you kiss my neck,
and erase all my memories.
I call you my Vampire,
for I forget the crash,
the death,
the loss.
I thank my angels I’m alive
protector of angels,
they come in threes
and hug me.

Their tiny arms loving me.
I cry for the hope they gave me.

Pour me another glass, I tell you quickly, sadly. You understand, you buy me the bottle and refuse to say No to me.

You know I would meet you anywhere and nowhere. You know how to enter and exit like a King.