Last night I fell asleep before you came home. I dragged the dog out for a walk but he hates the cold as much as I do. He pissed all over the kitchen floor, he despises being alone. He ate snacks before bedtime wallowing in loneliness. You wanted to have sex while I had creative writing on my mind. My blue journal sprawled between my … Continue reading Woodnotes


There was a time in the 80’s when I was sixteen and Michael was my everything while I was his nothing. And even years later every time I’d see him he pretended i was nothing. from nothing to something. from something to nothing. i call him an asshole now. even my daughter knows his name. it’s not a fucking secret how i loved him. you … Continue reading Sixteen

I will be fine

Today’s state of mind is not as poetic or earth-shattering or as wise as yesterday’s. Perhaps it is softer, subtler in tune with the crystals in public bathrooms. I see everything and that is a bloody curse. I know. A twenty-four hour sleep cures nothing. In fact, it awakens more dread and sweeps the dark under the light. I will be fine, as you always … Continue reading I will be fine


I wrote it on the beach while staring at the ocean but forgot to send it deleted it somehow and poetry faded into the sand under my feet. I hear what you say but I’m nodding at the sky it’s talking to me so be silent. listen. i told you to stare and you did, listening to the wind and how the earth moved with … Continue reading Freedom


if you could just dare to fuck the art in me. the kind of sex that would put us both on fire. the part where you never leave in the morning. i disappoint you all the time, with my past, my present, my unstable future. if you could just dare to love me, none of it would even matter.   (this will be in my … Continue reading untitled