Expectation will ruin your life. I wrote that because most people have these unrealistic expectations of their loved ones when they know that they have limitations. I can’t expect my husband to take out the trash when he never does. I can’t be disappointed in my book sales when I don’t promote myself like I need to. I can’t expect my friends to read my … Continue reading Expectations

Anais Nin

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. -Anais Nin Born on this day in 1903. She is and will always be one of my favourite writers. Her journals are brilliant. She makes me feel as if I am not alone as an artist and a woman. Celebrate #feminism and being a writer. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. … Continue reading Anais Nin

The Wanting by Christina Strigas (a book excerpt)

My book is in our https://museithotpublishing.com estore. Here’s the excerpt: Who was that girl Miss Moss was talking to five years ago? Every time I wanted to ask Miss Moss about her, something stopped me; my shyness? No. It was probably the ridiculous idea of pining over some girl I’d seen for a mere few seconds, and felt like an idiot to ask about her. … Continue reading The Wanting by Christina Strigas (a book excerpt)


You are in another year time travels separately into a victorious collection of seasons that cleaned up words into banned secure parking lots of trash. I would never meet you again do not question why, when, or how. Count your six trophies the four naked ones add them to your collections of home invasions and move on to the next forget the one before. Look … Continue reading Victorious