Book Review of “Bones in the Garden” by McKayla Debonis

Book Review of “Bones in the Garden” by McKayla Debonis   My Rating: 4/5 stars This poetry book is adorable, even though it is about heartache, McKayla Debonis has written a book that takes place during a painful breakup, it also illustrates a resourceful and strong-willed woman. I am so excited to get a signed copy by the author for my collection. I cherish poetry … Continue reading Book Review of “Bones in the Garden” by McKayla Debonis


If the water on the windowsill could be your molecules they would give me a paper to smell a pen to place safely away near my utensils think of me when it rains how the droplets become you and me falling from the sky like bullets on a battlefield like trees in the rainforest sometimes still most times turbulent aged and chopped preserved and honoured. … Continue reading If


Your scars were open to my caress as we travelled the world with choirs trailing us. I swear I could hear every song you ever played for me. We were never inactive, our depression enveloping us as our hearts beat too fast when we approached each other. Our body temperature spiked, our breath quickened and there was no hibernation in our bodies when every word … Continue reading Hibernation


i woke up to the voices again after all that drinking and St-Henri parking in front of the usual side streets with bearded hipsters open door lofts stolen dreams. Coming out of Cayenne and Pepper sexy shoes and leather. i don’t know what i was thinking when we had those shots, those drinks, wine, and i didn’t smash into you at the street corner, looking … Continue reading voices