Instagram poems

this is my link to new favourite obsession
I love photography
I love typewriters.

It was a wake
I had one too many Metaxa’s
suddenly my niece is
telling everyone what a great poet
I am
and I hate it
I feel like people I know
shouldn’t read my poetry
I’m feeling judged

(what do you mean by that?)
it’s fucking art
I’m a storyteller

so she set up my name
took a picture of me in my kitchen
set up my apps
showed me with her quick fingers
how to post
and here I am
click above
if you want to see how
I explore poetry
in my medium
of typewriters
every time I click on my typewriter app
I get nostalgic
I remember my typewriter
my first obsession.
I hope you read my typewritten poems
they are fragments of my poetry
and notebooks
and although I should talk about
my book
I’m not that kind of writer.

-Thanks always for your support of my writing




10 thoughts on “Instagram poems

      1. No, I retreated from social media except WordPress but was able to follow the links to Instagram to look at your poetry. I was fascinated with how well your poetry fits in that format. I may have to change my withdrawal now 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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