Publications in Literary Reviews

Featured in “Your ultimate Canadian poetry list: 68 poetry collections recommended by you”  by CBC Books.
“Green Lush Carpet in My Childhood Bedroom” featured in Pink Plastic House a tiny journal, July 2020
“pirouettes in bed” featured in The Bangalore Review, Vol VIII , Issue No. 2, July 2020
“trying”; featured in The Rainbow Poems, June 24, 2020.
“Let the Clouds Speak”; “Going Under”; “Tumble”; and “Cape  Cod” featured in Neon Mariposa Magazine, Issue 4, March 2, 2020
“Personify Me” featured in  Visitant, Feb. 19, 2020
“Nature is Calling” featured in Visitant,  Jan. 28, 2020
“I Wrote Nothing  For Days” featured in Rhythm and Bone Press,  Issue 6: Love, November 24, 2019
“Amuse Me” “Appointment” “Yiayia Maria” featured in BlazeVox19 Fall19 Issue November 12, 2019

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Avalanches in Poetry: Inspired by Leonard Cohen  edited by David L. O’Nan

An anthology featuring my poem, “How Leonard Cohen Kept Evading Me”

Oct. 24, 2019

“The Ghosts That Stay” featured in  Coffin Bell Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Masquerade Issue,  October 15, 2019

The Ghosts That Stay

“Killing Spree” featured in Coffin Bell Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Masquerade Issue, October 15, 2019

Killing Spree

“Dead Wife” featured in Coffin Bell Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, Masquerade Issue, October 15, 2019

Dead Wife

“Love & Metaxa”  featured in Rhythm & Bones Lit, Dark Marrow,  July 2019, Issue 3

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“Mythology” featured in Twist in Time Literary Magazine, May 1, 2019, Issue 3

Mythology by Christina Strigas

“The Apologies” featured in Chantarelle’s Notebook, April 23, 2019

The Apologies by Christina Strigas

“Patera II” “Oh, Canada”  featured in  Montreal Writes, Literary Magazine,  March Issue, 2019

‘Oh, Canada’ and ‘Patera II’ by Christina Strigas

“Monster” “Conversations with the Dead” featured in Rhythm & Bones, Issue 2 of Dark Marrow.

“Corinth” featured in Thimble Lit Magazine, Spring Issue No. 4, 2019


“Mythology” to be featured in Twist in Time, 3rd Digital Issue, May 1, 2019

“Fasting” to be featured in Pink Plastic House Journal, May 23, 2019

Featured in Neon Mariposa Magazine

2 poems, “No Vacancy” and “Decades of Art” (Jan. 2019)

“Patera I” featured in the 6th Issue of The Temz Review (Jan. 2019)

Featured in The Feminine Collective, 

“More Conversations” July 23, 2019,

“Blue-Aged Love”  March 19, 2019,

“Her Side” Jan. 25, 2019,

“Rumi Lovers” Jan 4, 2019,

“Magic” Aug. 1, 2018,

“Small  Miracles” June 6, 2018,

“The Day After” May 23, 2018,

“On Being Starstruck” May 14, 2018,

“The Glory” April 30, 2018,

“Tears” Aug. 8, 2018,

“Things That Are Unbelievable” March 20, 2018,

“The Day Before My Birthday” Jan. 8, 2018,

“Make It Stop” Dec. 19, 2017,

“Stake It” Nov. 22, 2017, http://ww,

“Lungful” Nov. 9, 2017,

“Blindness” Oct. 20, 2017,

“Marriage” Sept. 15, 2017,

“Every Woman” Aug. 11, 2017,

“Definition” July 11, 2017,

“Les Enfants Terribles” June 18, 2017,

Link to my Author page featured in The Feminine Collective

“5 Minute Interview with Christina Strigas” by The London Book Fair, April 4, 2019

5 Minute Interview with Christina Strigas

A Book of Chrissyisms, self-published, Sept.  2019

My first chapbook, originally published by 451 Press. Your Ink on My Soul, January 2016

Love & Vodka, self-published in Dec. 2016

In My Own Flood, self-published, in July 2016

A selection of my poems featured on Verse Wrights 

(website no longer available)

“Grammar Rules” and  “Ghosts in the Hallway” published in The Write Place, November 2013, Fall Issue

Publishers: MuseItUp Publishing, published my two books Crush and The Wanting

Crush published by MuseItUp Publishing, 2015

The Wanting published by MuseItUp Publishing, 2018

“Periscope” “Shades” and “I wore it for you”  featured in Issue 3 of  Seek Truth, published by New Art Review, 2010

Anthology: New Art Review

A few poems published online magazine Spillwords

Click below to see my Amazon collections:

Featured Author in Spillwords,

“alone” Featured in Spillwords, March 9, 2020


“See You Anon” featured in Spillwords, July 21, 2017,

“Spotlight on Writers” featured in Spillwords, July 8, 2017,

“Tell Me” featured in Spillwords, April 1, 2017,

“We Make our own Vows” featured in Spillwords, March 21, 2017,

“Jar of Regrets” featured in Spillwords, November 10, 2016,

“His Book of Poetry” featured in  Spillwords, October 30, 2016,

“Lesson Learned” featured in  Spillwords, October 19, 2016,

“Breaking into a Thousand Pieces” featured in Spillwords,  August 1, 2016,

“A Typewriter” featured in Spillwords, July 4, 2016,

“Poetry Dance” featured in Spillwords, May 5, 2016,

“How I Fell from the Sky” featured in Spillwords, April 25, 2019,

“Regret” featured in Spillwords, February 22, 2016


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