Set Them Free

A lover can say lies even if he does not speak. A friend can be absent even when they are there. A mother can leave her child, even when it’s unnatural. All love needs to be set free; to come back in royal tales of rejection— scratched love on the surface leaves rusted spots hard to remove with trust. Fathers can never come back from … Continue reading Set Them Free

Acoustic Guitar

I first bought one for my seven year old son it cost one hundred and ten dollars; Dimitri, his Russian teacher said, it’s perfect for his age. At eleven, he went to Vince, who taught him how to love the guitar like only musicians can. I no longer said, practice your guitar. When he held his first electric guitar, he still played the artful acoustic … Continue reading Acoustic Guitar


Expectation will ruin your life. I wrote that because most people have these unrealistic expectations of their loved ones when they know that they have limitations. I can’t expect my husband to take out the trash when he never does. I can’t be disappointed in my book sales when I don’t promote myself like I need to. I can’t expect my friends to read my … Continue reading Expectations