Less you need to know

Dresses are for pretty girls

not me. I wear my heart

as an accessory. I wanted to smoke


be ahead of you

behind you

around you

yet all I managed to do

is drive away from you,

without looking back once.

I was proud of myself for not turning,

now I am full of regrets

one night stands

lost gloves.

I can’t stand this life

it wants to inhale me alive

to take me into dirty secrets

reveal my private centuries.

I was disappointed too many times

took abuse instead of love

I imagine you see through my soapy suds.

I’m alone in my own movie.

No stars

no scenes

no bowls of fruit

only my notes of you

blown away

inside of me.

Secured and deleted.

That’s how I love you.

By making it last

as long as a TH song.