Christina Strigas

You can say what you want
on this and that
about the one and done philosophy
I can do it all
and still survive the day
the words never stop
I have to push them aside
add butter or pepper
while you feed the geese
on park benches
contemplating loneliness
ping pong love affairs
satisfaction never guaranteed
long lovely ladies
await you
I will watch you
from the best
seat in Central Park
with lost hope
and empty cigarette packs
it all means nothing
in the end
darkness calls my nickname
pulls out dust
from my pockets
sails across St. Lawrence river
excites me with dirty words
and secret promises
of unknown reasons
we still have faith
in silence and poetry.
In nothing but loneliness
a place only writers
and succumb
to their Voices.

You kept me company
I thank you
for that
and so much more

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I can be silent


Christina Strigas

silence and I have a dance

we sway in and out of lanes

tapping our feet to our own ryrhmn

no one hears. we spill out extreme

parts of ourselves to random listeners.

the ones that don’t ask

any questions. didn’t you know

that curiosity killed the cat? i believe

in adages and saints. ‘Tis my foul

play and innocent coquettish way

of making men swerve their wheel.

i dropped my poems along your bank,

did you step on them?

guard them from the rain? or

disregard my blankets of faith?

i know how good girls go bad

and bad girls want to be good.

sirs and misters surround me

while i run to rivers to meet

my ocean. only 10 more months

until my poetry book is out

and I’ll be on coffee tables again.

bring the metaxa, bulleit bourbon

jack honey, it’s never been

the same

after the…

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Books not written


Christina Strigas

It will always feel

like you are losing me

as soon as you get too close.

Today I wanted to stay home

and write all day

and tomorrow

the same

but what silly thoughts

are these?

Trust me, that as soon

as you need me

it’s time to let me go.

Can you cut off

all the media?

All that noise?

I can.

I have.

I will.

I must.

Can you track me down

to see how I feel?

Can you close in on me

from everywhere?

Surround me with your strength

disarm me with your gentleness

the gap between the two


wide and approaching.

I see it from all angles

of this square

or that circle

or whatever you want to

call a shape within my mind

within a form

within an outline of my love.

For if you have my body

it comes with a soul


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