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I want to thank Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs, for writing a book review for Love & Metaxa. This following review attached here for Pank Magazine, “a magazine that fosters access to emerging and experimental poetry and prose, publishing the brightest and most promising writers for the most adventurous readers”, blew me away. When you read what other writers, whom you admire, write about your book, and they are all positive, you come to slowly realize that maybe what you wrote is not half-bad, maybe it’s better than your self-esteem lets you believe it is, maybe people will like it and maybe, just maybe, you will touch others with your words.

I asked Gabino Iglesias to write a blurb for my book, Love & Metaxa, and boy did he ever write a blurb that knocked my socks off, and he included in this fabulous book review.

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Love & Metaxa is a collection of feelings violently thrown against the page. Strigas’ work is intense and honest. This collection is a mirror that reminds us of ourselves: a little dirty, a bit sad, stained with coffee, questioning everything, remembering the things that turned into scars, craving booze, ignoring the way the heart aches. These poems are the equivalent of making out with a stranger in a parking lot as wild horses stampede down the street and you feel the weight of the ghosts of old lovers hanging from your lips. Ah, but there is fun and lust, locked rooms and books, the beach and the fact that death is not here yet. Forget reading these poems; feel them. They will probably kiss you in return.”

—Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs

Gabino Iglesias is a writer, editor, literary critic, and professor living in Austin, TX. He is the author of Zero Saints and Coyote Songs. You can find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.

Blurb for Love & Metaxa

Press Release for my upcoming poetry book LOVE & METAXA by Christina Strigas

Christina Strigas Release Date : May 1st, 2021


Montreal, Quebec, Canada 

Book Release Day


Love & Metaxa

Poems by 

Christina Strigas


Short Author Bio

Christina Strigas is trilingual, raised by Greek immigrants, and has written three poetry books. Her latest, Love & Vodka, has been featured by CBC Books in, “Your Ultimate Canadian Poetry List: 68 Poetry Collections Recommended by you.”

She has also written two novels for MuseItUp Publishing. One is a paranormal romance, Crush, and the other is a romantic/erotic novel, The Wanting, written in first-person narrative by the two main characters.  Both have had excellent reviews.

In her spare time, Christina enjoys foreign cinema, reading the classics, and cooking traditional Greek recipes that have been handed down from her grandmother.

She is also co-founder of @ArielPoets on Twitter.

Book Summary:

Christina Strigas takes you on a ride through the Greek celebrations and devastations of life, love, loss, song, and death. Using the underlying theme of Metaxa, the popular Greek amber spirit, Strigas explores through memory, events, and narratives, poems that dissect human nature. These are dark poems, written with a combination of stream of consciousness, evoking the confessional poets of our time. With nuances, imagery and crystal prose, these narrative poems ensure the absolute doubt yet the certainty of the power of love and death combined. How can love survive death?

Crossing boundaries and languages, and living in a culturally vibrant city,  such as Montreal, Strigas utilizes the images of her city, and culture to describe her personal relationships with people, strangers, and loved ones. Fresh poems, raw and honest poems, that also focus on the stardom and fall of technology and the modern poet; these poems also touch upon the reality of our modern world and the exuberant power of technology and its toxicity. 

Taking us through childhood moments and adult trauma, Love & Metaxa is a poetry book that was written with wise and engaging wisdom. The reader can easily be drawn into Strigas’ universe and feel the world she lives in, as well as understand how it feels to be an immigrant’s daughter. She takes us on a trip into her microcosm of fiction and reality. 

Love & Metaxa is a poetry collection that features a unique voice who has uncommon stories to tell 

Contact Details:

The book will be available on all on-line bookstores. Here are a few links to click on: eBook or Paperback version.


Barnes and Nobles:


Author Photo:

Christina Strigas


My writing process

Rachel Thompson featured an article I wrote, please read the link:

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A little update on my book Love & Metaxa. I am self-publishing it on May 1st.

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Loving someone is a form of torture.


Christina Strigas

I just started a Wattpad with a new batch of poems. I am sending out two poetry manuscripts, but while I wait for the rejections, I am creating a new book for your pleasure for free for fun.

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I just started a Wattpad with a new batch of poems. I am sending out two poetry manuscripts, but while I wait for the rejections, I am creating a new book for your pleasure for free for fun.


what is said and what is done

you can’t trust a stranger with your truth

you get fed up of speaking so much

and listening to so little. you can ask

a question and it turns into an accusation.

you can guess his name, but he changes

the letters on you. you can tell him

i love you

he’ll stare at you

as if you should not have said that

and when you turn your back

he’ll respond

i love you

years later, and you will wonder

does he even mean it

is he saying that to shut me up?

you can love him

so much the ache keeps you up at night.

you can stare at his photo all you want

but his sunglasses are always on

he won’t look you in the eye,

he won’t fight for you, he won’t

make you pick. he wants you

sitting tight, never asking

where he goes, or why he only

shows you what he wants

you to know. he is happy

not having all of you.

he only wants you for an hour

not eight.

don’t take it personal

he told you so

but he refuse to listen

when you should.

it’s fine now, after seven years

you finally realized

he has been telling you

the truth all along

you just didn’t pay attention.


making my lists before dawn

even if it looks as if I am living my life

I am always writing in my head

about the time my hydrangeas stopped blooming and turned green

that time I waited inside the Met looking at the Greek statues and you never showed up

going to the top of Tokyo and almost barfing

your manicured hands on my pre-teen skin

the apartment number I lost my virginity in

picking you up after a meeting and having a latte on Chabanel street

Crying in a bathroom with blood on my thighs

confessing to a tombstone

never going to church except for weddings and funerals

loving you more than you ever will

expecting too much from nothing

making lists of dog bones, tablecloths and mouthwash

and still you somehow squirmed yourself into my words again

without ever trying.


black coffee and philosophy

My black coffee is warm, the sun is peeking.

It said 7:02. I don’t understand

how phones can answer most of my questions

except the philosophical ones of how you can

be one person with two eyes

and another with an eye in the middle. It seems

most men are like this, it’s not a surprise.

I learned it from young, but the hope keeps

rising like your hardness. I wished I never

saw you now. I wished I never knew you now.

I thought you were someone else, excuse me.

I thought you spoke my language, you never

did. You researched me, googled me, and

made my name too large in print. It’s just a

name. I’m no one special. You’re the radiohead


I think I see you everywhere, but

the truth is, all these thoughts are pointless.

My coffee is still warm and my libido

is still alive. I’m baking lemon cakes

now, I’m wearing no underwear.

I’m mentally ill now, I’m going crazy.

Aren’t you happy for me? I may even

try to kill myself for you. Wouldn’t

you love to have a trophy of all

of us? Lined up and direct

in reality

telling you how we are all so crazy,

so nuts–

to for have fallen for you.