March 10: My book release

To my followers and the amazing people I love to read,

Tomorrow is the day my book comes out. Above is the link to amazon and below is my blurb.


It was love at first sight when Maria met Jack on a beach all those years ago. But when Jack suddenly disappears, Maria is thrust closer to Hunter, their long-time friend, taking them on a journey that changes all three of their lives forever.

Maria is a lonely young woman who finds love and acceptance with Jack, a free spirited musician. In Maria, Jack finally has the girl of his dreams by his side. When Jack introduces Maria to his best friend, Hunter, he feels an instant connection to Maria, but he buries his feelings—along with his secret that he’s a vampire—for the love of his friend.

Set in Saint-Tropez, Crush is a vampire tale with a twist. Spanning decades and delving into the past of each character in this thorny love triangle, it is about a woman who must choose between the man she’s in love with and the man who is her soul mate. Adventure, love, romance, and vampires all collide in this unique novel filled with powerful emotion, heartbreak, and the question of undying love.

I never thought this day would come. I have self-published with a co-author a trilogy, and yes, holding your book in your hand is exciting, but this ebook is my own project and thanks to MuseItUp Publishing I can easily say that my dream of publishing my own book has come true.

Thank you dear readers and writers so much for reading and following. Your support means the world to me.



Editing is the part that I detest the most. As a writer, I go with the flow, stream of consciousness, à la Virginia Woolf style of writing, who coined the phrase. I am only fooling myself if I can even come close to her magic. I just want to write and get it out as quickly as possible, but nothing is as easy as people think. When is your book out already?
It’s a slow process, because perfection is part of the secret ingredient in editing. My editor told me something remarkable, she said, Imagine you are telling your story in front of a campfire…you want them engaged in the story, you want them to feel every scene.
Being a bit energetic, restless, and mostly crazy, I took her words to heart and now I imagine a bonfire, a Greek beach, the sunset and me in front, blabbing away, with hand gestures, of course.
So on page three, I found myself reliving my story through someone else’s eyes.
I am beginning to see the light…another two-hundred plus pages to go.
Thank you, Lea, my publisher & editor. You are a godsend.